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Sunday, December 30, 2012

@HitmanHolla In KC For @PyRofromthefam Video Shoot

@TrinidadJamesGG Is Being Sued By The Creator Of Martin

We were HLAF-WAY joking when we compared rapper Trinidad James To the character "Jerome" on Martin. But the creators of Martin are not joking. Word is that they're filing a $5M lawsuit against Trinidad James.
Here is the report:
The Head of Productions and the creator of Martin, Gerald Levin is planning on suing Trinidad Jame$ $5 million for infringing Jerome Rome from the show. After Levin found out about Trinidad’s $2 million contract with Def Jam, here is what he had to say about the whole situation. “Gold chains, gold rings, and rotten teeth, that’s Jerome!! …Martin created that.”
How did Diddy put it . . . More money, more problems!!!

@SugeKnight @KattPackAllDay Get Into A Nasty Brawl

I guess when the brother Suge said he funks with Katt Williams and willing to ride for him he wasn't telling a lie. According to Tmz.Freshly freed Katt Williams had a front row seat last night as good friend Suge Knight got into a CRAZY brawl outside a Hollywood club ... that ended with Suge nearly mowing down some people in his SUV ... just hours after Katt was released from jail.

It all went down outside the Eden club. When the video (which is understandably shaky) starts, the massive brawl is already in full swing and you can see Suge trying to go after someone while Katt gets away from the action, walking behind a dumpster. 

As the camera pans back, you can see Suge on the left side of the frame in a tan long-sleeved shirt. Suge can be seen connecting with some sort of punch, but the actual blow is blocked from view.

The next time we see Katt, he's making his way to a black SUV while being chased by someone. Katt appears to get in the car before the guy is able to catch up to him.Suge then gets into a white SUV and guns it, nearly hitting several people on his way out of the parking lot.

Katt and Suge were detained and cited by police a little over a week ago and Katt was just arrested Friday for child endangerment and had only been out of jail for a few hours before the brawl went down. Video Below- will keep you updated

@Souljaboy And @Reallilscrappy Exchange Words On Twitter

To end the year with a bang is what these two artist plan to do.Scrappy & Souljah Boy got into a heated exchange on twitter coming out of the mouth real slick. For those of you that are not up on Diamond from crime mob and LiL Scrappy relationship,The two used to date back in the day.

Lets fast forward to Souljah Boy & Diamond. How the two hooked up is still beyond a lot of Hip Hop fans on the net and the streets. So here we are now in 2012 and ego's are bouncing off of these guys shoulders like water beeds from a Family, why are we bringing Diamond into this beef?? The answer is inside the tweets below--Daddymack!!!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

@MsAneshiaKashae interview on @SayCheese_TV

@cthagod Admits He Was Sexually Abused At 8

Charlamagne Tha God reveals he was sexually abused at 8 by his cousins Ex-Wife!! This is sad news for us to report but New York Power 105.1 DJ Charlamagne Tha God revealed he was sexually abused and he's still dealing with the issue today. Charlamagne Tha God brushed it off on twitter but clearly the brother need to seek some help for this.

One of Charlamagne followers responded on twitter saying, I hate that you always talk about that experience with a laugh. She was a disgusting....

Let's pray the brother gets the helps he needs. No one should have to go through this.

American Express Suing @Real_Terrence_H For Ignored Credit Card Fees!

The 43 year old actor has made an huge impact in the movie industry over the last 17 to 20 years. Notable unique performance played by Howard "Dead Presidents" in which he was in the prime of his career knocking Hollywood doors down and he did with that role.

Today we are hearing through the cyber wire that the brother is in debt with American Express for credit fees he's failed to pay according to TMZ--Daddymack!!!

American Express filed legal documents back in November claiming Howard charged a total of $33,474.79 but their attempts at getting the actor to pay did not work.

The credit card company is alleging breach of written contract and other finance-related affronts. They want Howard to pay his balance along with the 10 percent interest that has since accrued on his account and any legal fees, reports E! News.

Howard's camp has not commented on the situation yet.Recently Howard has starred in the World War II drama Red Tails and is currently playing a small role in On the Road now in theaters. will keep you updated!

@EvelynLozada Clowns @Ochocinco Sex Tape On Twitter

Evelyn Lozada never fails to entertain with her candid thoughts on Twitter. Ex Hubby Ochocinco got caught asking a girl “Is It In Your Stomach?? in a recent leak. The tape is with some random video-hoe-looking chick and few other girls.
Rumors initially claimed the girls in the video were Evelyn’s friends but she made it very clear she didn’t know any of them. When asked, Evelyn said the tape is old news and to be quite frank about it, it was pretty boring! Evelyn took to twitter to share a few laughs and even got French Montana (who raps popular song “Ochocinco”) to join in on the internet jokes. Check out Evelyn’s funny timeline:

From the looks of it, Evelyn and Ochocinco will be back together in no time; making her recent interviews null and void. Sound familiar?

@rickyrozay New GF Is A Popular FASHION DESIGNER!!

just got word that rapper Rick Ross has a SERIOUS new GF. And the lady who stole THE BOSS' heart is a serious lady . . . and a serious entrepreneur.
She started the new FRONTROW designs. Here's how it is described.
FRONTROW is an innovative luxe brand that represents front-of-the-line privilege. The clothing is meant for fashion lovers and leaders – the confident, the gracious and the faithful. Shateria Moragne-EL has worked as a personal stylist and consultant, providing creative direction on a variety of projects, look books and catalogues.

We caught a glimpse of Moragne-EL’s designs on WEtv sported by Tamar Braxton and has since gained much notoriety. Her clothing and designs ensure comfort, confidence and appeal. FRONTROW represents unmatched style and freedom – inspiring its consumers to be seen on the scene and never settle for anything less than the FrontRow.
That's a good look for Rick Ross.

Paparazzi Catch @Rihanna Butt Naked

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

@EvelynLozada MOVED BACK IN With @Ochocinco!!!

So it looks like Evelyn and Chad ARE BACK TOGETHER . . . or at least they're LIVING TOGETHER. Yesterday a fan asked Chad if he and his estranged with Evelyn were "still talking." Chad told him that not only are they "talking" . . . but the couple are "living together"
Evelyn is currently on vacation in the Bahamas. But if Chad is telling the truth . . . they should be back under the same roof by the end of the week.
Not sure how we feel about it . . . but good luck with that one!!!

@4everBrandy Is Getting Married

CONFIRMED with people close to Brandy that as of yesterday, Christmas day - she and her longtime BF Ryan Press are engaged.
According to our source, Ryan first ASKED THE PERMISSION to marry Brandy - of Brandy's mother, father, and brother Ray J, all of whom gave Brian an EMPHATIC "Yes".
Well on Christmas Day, Brandy and her family were opening presents in front of the tree . . . when Brian went down on one knee - and proposed. Brandy broke down in tears and said "YES."
We really want to congratulate these two . . . they make an AMAZING COUPLE!!!

@MeekMill – Repo (@CASSIDY_LARSINY Diss)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kevin Durant #TimeForAChange #TFC @KDTrey5 KD 1st Leak

@ochocinco Sex Tape Leaked And He Admits Its Real

                                                     Click Here To See A Sneak Peak

Chad Johnson Sex Tape Video Leaked And He Admits He Made it!! -- Details Inside Chad Johnson acknowledges ... a sex tape which appears to feature the former NFL star -- along with TWO female friends -- is REAL ... but Chad insists he never wanted the footage to go public.

Sources close to Johnson ... ha, Johnson ... tell TMZ the tape was shot roughly 3 years ago in a hotel room in Florida.

We're told Chad has no idea how the tape leaked to the Internet ... but insists he wasn't behind it ... and now he's exploring his legal options in hopes of having the tape removed from the web ASAP.

So far, it doesn't appear the entire video has made it's way into cyberspace -- only bits and pieces -- but we're told the entire tape is "substantial in length" ... ha, substantial in length.

We reached out to Johnson's lawyer -- but he had no comment.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

@PUSHA_T Disses @LilTunechi @BIRDMAN5STAR On @Ludacris Tell Me Why They Mad For

@TiaNorfleet NASCAR’s First Black Female Racer

Meet Tia Norfleet NASCAR’s First Black Female Racer!! So, we already know most of y’all don’t watch NASCAR … it’s historically been a white man’s sport. But one woman is changing the game in a major way. Tia Norfleet is the first African American female in the league, and she’s about to scare off that hideous rebel flag for good … we hope.

She’s actually part of an installment to revitalize the NASCAR image. Over the past decade, diversity has been a priority. In an effort to push that agenda, Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson joined the committee as co-chair.

Tia is the daughter of Bobby Norfleet, a former NASCAR driver. She was first spotted at the age of 14 racing karts. Over the years she’s matured in her sport and is now moving on to the big leagues.

@Cassidy_Larsiny Me, Myself & iPhone @MeekMill Diss

Cassidy “Me, Myself & iPhone” (Meek Mill Diss)

Scary Movie 5 Starring @KattPackAllDay @charliesheen

@IamDEELISHIS Christamas Pic

@AdmireAndrea Kat Stacks Is Out Of Jail

Thursday, December 20, 2012

@TreySongz @TerrenceJ Talks Texas Chainsaw 3D

The People Got @TrinidadJamesGG 2 Mill Congrats

People Think They Making Fun Of The Man I'm Sure He Has Not A Care And The World What Yall Think Yall Got Him 2 Mill And Made Him A Hot Rapper

R.I.P: 16 Year Old Killed Over Jordans

@KattPackAllDay Calls @iamjamiefoxx Gay @ A Show

@gucci1017 Gets Warning Not To Perform In Macon GA

AP9 Says He Has Naked Pics Of @cocosworld

Rapper Ice T is not going to like this. Radar Online is saying that AP.9 (who is ALLEGEDLY a PIMP in real life #teamnsitch#) is telling people that those pics of him and CoCo are NOT AT ALL innocent.
Here is what they're REPORTING: The bootylicious reality star turned Vegas showgirl earned the ire of her hubby after photos surfaced of her snuggling up next to the rapper, and she was quick to apologize for her "inappropriate behavior" -- but now sources are saying that AP.9 is boasting he has evidence that their encounter wasn’t as innocent as Coco has claimed!

“AP.9 has been bragging that he has photos of Coco with him in a private room in Vegas, and that in some of them she's on a bed, totally naked!” A source close to the situation tells

“He’s been putting feelers out to see if people want to buy the pictures and he's claiming they're really salacious and that a LOT more happened with Coco than just them posing in a night club.

As previously reported, Ice T went on a Twitter rampage after seeing the already released photos, which included a shot of AP.9 nuzzling Coco’s neck as they posed sitting on a chair together.
DANG Ice . . . if you wanna keep your PIMP CREDENTIALS you gotta let the truth out. And if she did you DIRTY LIKE THAT . . . you gotta FIRE THE HEAUX!!!

@TheRealJRSmith Speaks On @KMichelle On Twitter

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

@Cassidy_Lardiny Gets A 7 Figure Endorsement From Condomstyle

Cassidy Gets An Endorsement Deal Thanks To “Condom Style”

@DonLennonLOM LOM mixtape Lux Wants to battle

Shooting CenterStage Atlanta @gucci1017 and @1YoungScooter involved??

Shooting At Center Stage in Atlanta Last Night, Was Gucci Mane and Young Scooter involved?? This is a developing story but there was a shooting at Center stage last night in Atlanta. What we do know for sure, there's a police officer on administrative leave for the shooting and a suspect in the hospital with a gunshot wounds.

Rumors on the internet are saying this was a Gucci Mane and Young Scooter incident but that CANNOT be confirmed. I'm working on this story right now. This is developing as we speak.

Check out the photos below. -- Futuristic Blogger