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Friday, November 30, 2012

@50Cent Talks Beef With @FloydMayweather

50 Cent Addresses The Beef between Him And Floyd Mayweather + Says The Fight & The Twitter Rants Are Real--Video Inside!50 Cent Addresses The Beef between Him And Floyd Mayweather + Says The Fight & The Twitter Rants Are Real--Video Inside!50 Cent Addresses The Beef between Him And Floyd Mayweather + Says The Fight & The Twitter Rants Are Real--Video Inside!

@MattForte22 Gives A HIgh School Laptops

Chicago bears running back Matt Forte is a certified beast in the backfield of the Bears hands down. In 2010 he rushed for over 1000 yards and that success continued all the way up until 2012, Even though he's not quit there yet but he's pushing for another 1000 yard rushing with only 683 he gained so far this year.

Ever wanted to know what players do off the field? Well you may have heard stories about NFL players doing some good while away from the game and here's another story of that right here.

Matt Pays a visits Tilden High School and surprises the students by giving them laptops.The high school students was more than greatful to have a NFL player to come and invest into their future giving the fact that this doesn't happen everyday at public schools.

I guess you don't have to wait until christmas to get into the spirit of giving, its a everday thing according to Matt Forte! good deed brother. Checkout the video below to watch the responses from the kids faces--Daddymack!!

@RealBriaMyles Is String Bean Skinny

@karrueche Is Pregnant @ChrisBrown Drove

Yesterday Rihanna MADE IT OFFICIAL that she and Chris Brown were dating - by tweeting out a photo of them together. Well Kae made a little bit of news - of course, it was by "ACCIDENT".
Yesterday she went to an event . . . and she "unexpectedly forgot" to put on any Spanx - which she had been using to hide her PREGNANT BELLY.
So now everyone could see her teeny baby bump. FYI, Kae has NEVER had a belly before - the chick is VERY SKINNY.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


@Chrisbrown Uses One Of @HitmanHolla Quotes

Well Now We All Know Chris Brown Is A Big Name And He Said Ball Game On A Picture Which Is Cold

@Game Speaks Losing To @KanyeWest in A Rap Battle

Game told Vlad TV, “Before The Documentary came out, Nelly had a party at Niketown, and everybody was there – Dr. Dre, Swizz [Beatz], Pharrell, a bunch of stars, me and Kanye were kinda rookies and what-not; Kanye was still servicing his beats around, I think he just had signed to Roc-a-Fella. So after the party was over, we’re walking to the parking structure, just walking [with] a bunch of chicks…and everybody was like, ‘Yo, Kanye, why don’t you battle Game? Game, why don’t battle Kanye?’,”  Game remembered. “And we were just two hungry artists, so in the parking structure, [we] just took off. ‘Ye rapped first, and he spit and it was that old College Dropout Kanye, and he got off and he really did his thing.”
Game went on to say, “I gave him probably about 40 bars, just rapping fire, and then he came and he spit like 40 bars. I took it up, and I ended up rapping for like three or four minutes…I felt like I won, and then Kanye, just out of nowhere, started going in about how I thought I was the ‘savior and watch my behavior’ – he just really started going in, and the chicks started being like, ‘Oooh, aah,’ and once the chicks start chiming in, it’s pretty much over.”
After hearing this story, we want to know one thing. Where the hell were the video cameras?!?!?! We would love to see these two battle rapping against each other. Oh, we forgot this battle happened right before the introduction of Youtube and invasive ass camera phones.

Halle Berry Ex Gabriel Aubry Seeks Protection After a BEAT DOWN

Halle Berry Ex Gabriel Aubry Seeks protection After a BEAT DOWN by Halle Berry New Man!!  Berry and her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, continue to battle in court after a Thanksgiving fight at the actress' home that resulted in Aubry's arrest. Aubry will be in court soon facing allegations of battery related to that fight.

He claims he was actually the victim and sought unsuccessfully Tuesday to have a judge lift a temporary restraining order Berry has against him. Aubry is seeking his own protective order.

Aubry, who has a daughter with Berry, said the actress' fiance threatened to kill him if he didn't move to Paris, according to court papers.

Aubry said he had been romantically involved with Berry between 2005 and early 2010 and the couple had a daughter, Nahla. After ending the relationship, the pair has fought over whether Berry should have primary custody or joint custody with Aubry.

They shared custody, but in 2011, Berry sought permission to move to Paris with her daughter. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mark A. Juhas denied the request earlier this month, setting the stage for the latest fireworks.

@NICKIMINAJ Pink Friday Only Sold 34k Walmart Is To Blame

Could it be that when Nicki Minaj  messed up her album sales when she deleted her twitter account then announced she may be leaving the rap game? To Add insult to injury she beefed with one of Hip Hops favorite Female MC's with LiL Kim. The Kim & Nicki Beef didn't last too long and its fair to say that the beef is still on between the two beings tho know one responded as of yet.

Moral of that paragraph above is the possibilities that could have hurt Nicki's success in album sales and to blame it all on walmart?? More like dry-snitching on your label-heads and  telling us something somewhere down the line. Walmart gave a statement in regards to the accusations surrounding Nicki Minaj's statement that threw a lot of salt on their name.The statement made by Nicki before we get into the response from Walmart--Daddymack!!!!!!!

Nicki Minaj's Excuse To Escape Critism Below
"It is hard to get the album because the stores basically said that the last few re-releases they had put out did not do well and they didn't want to take a chance," she said in a recent appearance The Breakfast Club. "So, Target and Walmart is not selling the album. Target is actually my biggest retailer -- they've always been my biggest retailer. They've sold the most Nicki Minaj albums ever, so, thank you, Target. But I wish you could've sold this one."

As for Best Buy, the retailer "only took limited [quantities] because they're like 'Oh we don't know, we want to play it safe,' so it's very difficult and it kind of sets you up to fail," she said, adding that some of her fans "have been driving hours, literally hours, to get one CD. But it is what it is, and I appreciate the support, and I'm excited about the music."

Walmart's Response To Nicki Minaj Rant
Walmart spokesperson Veronica Marshall told that they would would have carried the album had Nicki offered an edited version, which she did not.

"We do not carry any music that has a parental advisory label on it," said Marshall. "However, we carry edited versions of those music titles. That album did not come with an edited option, so that's why Walmart isn't carrying that album."

Monday, November 26, 2012

@LUNEEB "DEAD WRONG" (freestyle)

@MackMaine And @GBE_TADOE Get Into Altercation

Mack Maine And Member Of Chief Keef’s Camp Get Into Altercation

Saftey @AyoJohnay Arrested For Beef With Cab Driver

When will NFL players around the league learn that off and on the field behavior is accounted for according to the national football league. The crazy and sad thing is that these players know the rules and manage to some how break them anyway. Look at Chad Ochocinco Johnson.--Daddymack!!!

According to the Miami Beach PD, 24-year-old Amaya — 6’2″, 185 lbs — had given the cab driver $100 to take him outside the cab driver’s usual area … but during the ride, the NFL player got “aggressive.”

The taxi driver told police he tried to kick Amaya out of the cab — and even offered to return the $100 — but Amaya refused. Instead, the cab driver claims, Amaya “leaned forward and wrapped his hands around his neck and started choking him.”

When cops arrived to the scene, Amaya was still inside the cab. The driver told the responding officers, “This man is trying to kill me.”

Cops say the cab driver did not have any visible injuries.Amaya was eventually “escorted” out of the vehicle and arrested for battery just after 4AM.FYI — Amaya didn’t record a single tackle in the Dolphins victory over the Seahawks on Sunday … and only has 4 tackles on the year.

A rep for the Dolphins tells TMZ … “We are aware of the situation and are in the process of gathering information.”

@TimWestwood @Tyrese New Fast 6/New Album

Tim Westwood And Tyrese Talks New "Fast 6" Movie / New Album & More

@TheGame Calls @SeanKingston A Trick

The Game released a new track titled “Stripper” this Sunday. An ode to the stripper ladies providing him with a great time. He recalls his experiences with both popular strippers Maliah Michel & Tip Drill. Apparently he was messin with Maliah before she was poppin & wasn’t too happy when Drake was into her.
As far as Sean Kingston? According to Game she had him “in his trick bag” and “down on one knee”. Game says a “real n*gga” like him was smashin that for free.

Game’s story seems to check out too. Check out Sean bringing her out to award shows all boo’d up as his date, meeting her mom & even showing his love for her publicly on Twitter months ago! With these strippers / video girls in hip hop being known for turning tricks and slanging p*ssy with everyone in the game. This is not a good look player:

@KattPackAllDay Gets Sued For Not Performing In Oakland

As we recently reported that super comedian Katt Williams lunched out during a show in Oakland California. It got so bad to the point legendary rapper Too Short and others had to carry this man off  stage before things got uglier.After Katt was able to be tamed, Too Short got on the mic and apologized to fans and declared that the comedian must be under the influence of cocaine in order for him to act that way.

OUR QUESTION FROM HHN24-7.COM, is Katt Williams really smoking or snorting coke?--Daddymack!--Williams and promoter Live Nation are on the receiving end of a class action lawsuit filed by Brian Herline on behalf of everyone who went to see the comedian "perform" on November 16.

According to the lawsuit -- filed on the day before Thanksgiving in Alameda County, CA -- Katt's show ended after just 10 minutes ... but not before he "confronted a heckler, took his clothes off, and attempted to fight at least three audience members."

The suit is seeking unspecified damages for "Katt Williams' non-performance."Williams has been stringing together one bizarre appearance after another as of late and was actually arrested in Oakland just two days before the show in question. According to Tmz

We reached out to reps for Katt and Live Nation ... no word back as of yet.

@chrisbrown Deletes Twitter Account

Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account After Astonishing Exchange With Woman!! After Chris Brown and his infamous ex-girlfriend (sorta) Rihanna made headlines this morning following RiRi's posting of a shirtless Chris Brown photos on her Instagram account, the proverbial shit hit the fan on Twitter.

The exchange with comedey writer Jenny Johnson began when she responded to Chris' tweet with the following:
Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account After Astonishing Exchange With Woman!! After Chris Brown and his infamous ex-girlfriend (sorta) Rihanna made headlines this morning following RiRi's posting of a shirtless Chris Brown photos on her Instagram account, the proverbial shit hit the fan on Twitter.

The exchange with comedey writer Jenny Johnson began when she responded to Chris' tweet with the following:

Breezy wasn't backing down from Jenny, who has written jokes about the R&B singer since his 2009 domestic dispute with then girlfriend Rihanna. Chris went on a rampage with fueled responses that included threats to relieve his bodily waste in her eyes before prompting Jenny, and the general public to "ask Rihanna if she's mad."

Chris' PR people presumably got involved because the tweets, and Chris' entire Twitter account were snatched up off the web faster than some of us could screen shot.
Check out some of the exchange below.

The tweet bantering continued until both parties called it quits and explained their sides to their respective followers.

Meanwhile Jenny summed up the encounter with the following:

As for RiRi, she wasn't silent in all of this. Rihanna, previously in the night, took a screen shot all of Jenny's interactions with Chris and instagrammed the collage of tweets with a caption that said "who has the time" prior to deleting the post.

Damn damn damn, when will we learn that in an age of digital everything a tweet and delete simply won't work when you have millions of followers!

Chris Brown has retired his Twitter...for now... but We're sure this isn't the last we will hear of this.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

#CallOfBooty2 Was Crazy #Dallas Rocking

Did Numbers Last Night A Lot Of Good Looking Females 
A Couple People Don't Know How To Act So They Got Slammed And Whooped By Big Tyrone
Some People Hate It Some People Loved It Call Of Booty Was A Nice Event

Friday, November 23, 2012


Milwaukee Bucks v Golden State Warriors
Milwaukee Bucks’ Brandon Jennings walked away from Miami’s KOD with his pocket $24,000 lighter than when he walked in & left happy as hell. This was the NBA player’s first time at the infamous King Of Diamonds strip club and according to his twitter he must have been star titty struck. After losing the game, he headed over there and dropped racks on top of racks on a lucky stripper. That’s ALOT of money for a nothing but a lap dance. That stripper’s winning!!!
While we’re bugging out on the money spent. Check out his tweets… He thought it was an awesome investment! This explains why ballers usually go broke after their time in the league is done.

Who Lying @souljaboy or @FrencHMonTanA

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

@RickyRozay CANCEL Show in Tennessee GD's Say They The Reason

Rick Ross CANCEL His Show in Tennessee, Was The New GD's Tennessee Video The Reason Behind The Cancellation?? (Tour Dates) The cancellation last night by Ross seems more than coincidental to GD threats in Tennessee. What do you think??

Rick Ross CANCEL His Show in Tennessee, Was The New GD's Tennessee Video The Reason Behind The Cancellation?? The cancellation last night by Ross seems more than coincidental to GD threats in Tennessee. What do you think??

Rick Ross CANCEL His Show in Tennessee, Was The New GD's Tennessee Video The Reason Behind The Cancellation?? The cancellation last night by Ross seems more than coincidental to GD threats in Tennessee. What do you think??

11/2 – Columbus, OH @ Schottenstein Center
11/3 – Lexington, KY @ Rupp Arena
11/4 – State College, PA @ Bryce Jordan Center
11/5 – Champaign, IL @ Assembly Hall
11/8 – New Orleans, LA @ UNO Lakefront Arena
11/9 – Houston, TX @ Reliant Arena
11/10 – Arlington, TX @ College Park Center at University of Texas
11/11 – Austin, TX @ Frank Erwin Center
11/13 – Columbia, SC @ Colonial Life Arena
11/14 – Charlottesville, VA @ John Paul Jones Arena
11/15 – Providence, RI @ Dunkin' Donuts Center
11/17 – Baltimore, MD @ 1st Mariner Arena
11/18 – Fairfax, VA @ Patriot Center
11/20 – Nashville, TN @ Bridgestone Arena
11/21 – Cleveland, OH @ Wolstein Center at CSU
11/23 – Oklahoma City, OK @ Chesapeake Energy Arena
11/24 – Albuquerque, NM @ Tingley Coliseum
11/25 – El Paso, TX @ El Paso County Coliseum
11/27 – Tucson, AZ @ Tucson Arena
11/29 – Fresno, CA @ Save Mart Center
11/30 – San Jose, CA @ The Events Center at San Jose State University
12/1 – Sacramento, CA @ Power Balance Pavilion
12/2 – San Diego, CA @ Viejas Arena at Aztec Bowl San Diego State University.

@PIaxico Burress Signs With Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers have signed Plaxico Burress to help address their lack of depth at wide receiver, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter:The Steelers couldn't afford to wait any longer to address the issue after watching a pair of their wideouts go down in recent weeks.

Antonio Brown is battling an ankle injury that forced him to miss Sunday's high-profile matchup with the Ravens. In that game, veteran Jerricho Cotchery was forced to exit with a rib injury after a big hit from Baltimore safety Bernard Pollard.With their statuses for Week 12 up in the air, Pittsburgh decided to bring back Burress to provide some insurance behind Mike Wallace and Emmanuel Sanders.

The veteran wide receiver was drafted by the team with the eighth overall pick back in 2000.Do you agree with the move? Yes, Burress should help. No, there were better options. Submit Vote vote to see results Do you agree with the move?Yes, Burress should help.88.9%No, there were better options.11.1%Total votes: 6,420

All told, Burress caught 261 passes for over 4,100 yards and 22 touchdowns in five seasons with the Steelers. He went on to play for the New York Giants—for whom he made a winning catch in Super Bowl XLII—from 2005-08 and the New York Jets in 2011.

He doesn't figure to play a major role in a struggling passing game until Ben Roethlisberger is cleared to come back from an injury of his own. Plax will be the clear fourth option behind Wallace, Sanders and tight end Heath Miller until Brown returns.

Overall, Burress is a nice addition for the Steelers given the circumstances. The offense has been ravaged by injuries, and he should provide a veteran presence capable of handling whatever role Pittsburgh gives him.That's all you can ask from a late-season pickup. Article Written By ESPN's Adam Schefter:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

@machinegunkelly @YoungJeezy Hold On (ShutUp)

@ChiefKeef Album Finally Rich Cover Art & Tracklist

chief-keef-finally-rich-album-coverChicago rapper Chief Keef is ready to unleash his debut album Finally Rich on the world. He has revealed the cover art and tracklist for the upcoming project.
Set for release on December 18, Chief Keef  has enlisted an impressive list of rap heavyweights for guest features on Finally Rich. Besides Lil Reese being featured on the breakout single “I Don’t Like,” Chief Keef has guests spots from 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa on the track “Hate Bein’ Sober.” French Montana, Rick Ross, and Young Jeezy also lend verses to the album.
Up and coming producer Young Chop has done some production on the album, but other producers have yet to be announced. Peep the full tracklist below. Are yoiu hyped for the debut album of Chief Keef? Let us know your opinion about the young Chicago rapper in the comments.
‘Finally Rich’ Tracklist
1. Love Sosa
2. Hallelujah
3. I Don’t Like ft. Lil Reese
4. No Tomorrow
5. Hate Bein’ Sober ft. 50 Cent & Wiz Khalifa
6. Kay Kay
7. Laughin’ To The Bank
8. Diamonds ft. French Montana
9. Ballin’
10. Understand Me ft. Young Jeezy
11. 3Hunna ft. Rick Ross
12. Finally Rich

@hurricanechris6 FreeStyle Kendrick Lamar Swimming Pools

@CedEntertainer The Soul Man Has Second Season

Comedian and actor Cedric the Entertainer tweeted earlier in the week that he’d gotten word that his TV Land sitcom, The Soul Man, had been picked up for season two.  The show debuted in June with a high debut at 1.9 million viewers.  It has continued to maintain a fairly steady following.

The Soul Man is a spin-off of TV Land’s other hit show, Hot in Cleveland in which Cedric appeared on one episode in 2011; that served as a set up for his own show.  The Soul Man follows the life of Rev. Boyce Ballantine, a former R&B singer, who received his calling to serve the Lord. 

He put down his lavish Las Vegas ways and moved his family to St. Louis in order to take over his father’s church. His wife Lolli (played by Niecy Nash), was taken aback by the entire move and because of that, she’s only slowly evolving into a “true” First Lady of a church. Her clothes are still low cut up at the top and short at the bottom and her mouth continues to get her in trouble but Boyce loves her all the same.

The Soul Man is currently on hiatus until the new season starts but reruns are airing on BET. Congrats to Cedric and the entire cast! Source madamenoire

@Tip New Album Trouble Man Tracklist & Cover Art

UPDATE: T.I. enlists Cee Lo Green, A$AP Rocky, Meek Mill and more for his new album.
T.I. has revealed the new release date for his oft-delayed album Trouble Man.
During an appearance on BET's "106 & Park," Tip announced that the project is slated for release on December 18th.
"Trouble Man is coming on December 18th, we've actually settled on it," confirmed T.I. "I'm proud of all the material that's on there. I think i'm gearing up to present a classic album because that's the material that people deserve."
He also confirmed guest appearances from DJ Toomp, Pharrell, Andre 3000 and Cee Lo Green, though he said that there are more features to be announced on the LP.
Check out The Official Cover Art Below:

1. The Introduction
2. G Season (Feat. Meek Mill)
3. Trap Back Jumpin
4. Wildside (Feat. A$AP Rocky)
5. Ball (Feta. Lil Wayne)
6. Sorry (Feat. André 3000)
7. Can You Learn (Feat. R. Kelly)
8. Go Get It
9. Guns and Roses (Feat. P!nk)
10. The Way We Ride
11. Cruisin’
12. Addresses
13. Hello (Feat. Cee Lo Green)
14. Who Want Some
15. Wonderful Life (Feat. Akon)
16. Hallelujah

Marvin Gaye Will Be Potrayed @LennyKravitz In Up Coming Biopic

Its been a longtime coming for a Marvin Gaye Biopic since the legendary soul singer passed away. Now just incase you are wondering if he will make the cut of playing Marvin Gaye then checkout his short role in the critically acclaimed movie "Precious"as nurse John. Lenny was also the baby's voice on rugrats movie as well.

Still not enough to convince you he will nail this role? Well it will really tickle your fancy to know that he will also star in up & coming moive "The Butler" Co starring Terrance Howard and Oprah Winfrey as James Holloway. The talent must be in him in order for him to act beside Oprah & Howard and these actors played some of the best roles that hollywood money can buy.--Daddymack!!!!!

According to the huffington post The project is directed by Julian Temple, known for his documentary “London: The Modern Babylon” as well as “Absolute Beginners.” Temple also has plenty of experience with bringing music to the big screen, having directed a number of movies about the Sex Pistols.

The Gaye movie will center on the soul singer’s later years. Gaye, as NME notes, battled alcoholism and nasty tax issues while living in London. Though his situation improved once he left the town, he was fatally shot by his father in Los Angeles.

Kravitz has kept busy mixing music and acting, appearing as Cinna in “The Hunger Games” and taking up “Negrophilia,” an album he started years ago.The Standard also reports that Gaye’s second wife Janis is “skeptical” about the project. So family, do you think Lenny can pull off one of the most prolific names in music history In Marvin Gaye??? Will Keep You Updated!

@Nas Will Have To Cough Up A Million Cash To IRS

As we recently reported that the Internal Revenue Service would be snatching Nas’ money from music publishers BMI and ASCAP until his $6 million tax debt was paid off. Today we are getting word that the men in black wants to get a piece of that Lauryn Hill & Nas tour money too.

TMZ is reporting that the Georgia Department of Revenue filed new legal documents and obtained an order commanding Live Nation, the promotional company behind Nas' current tour with Lauryn Hill, to garnish $1,083,435 from the rapper's earnings for taxes he owes for the years 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010.

Nas who just dropped a classic album "Life Is Good" has done well with his latest record selling over 300,000 units. Thats pretty good in todays music economy. Nas recently hooked up with Ex wife Kelis and decided to remain freinds in the name of thier babyboy. will keep you updated!

@TheRealMikeEpps Birthday Bash Turns Violent Shots Fired

Funny man Mike Epps celebrating his 42nd birthday in hollywood decided to join in on a heated argument with his crew and some angry club goers. The end results was a man letting shots rang out to make a statement that they didn't care who is or how famous, you can still catch a bullet scar--Daddymack!

Cops rushed to the club just after midnight, responding to call that a warning shot was fired inside following a heated argument between Epps' posse and other guests, according to TMZ.

A police source says partiers rushed for the doors upon hearing the gunsho, and Epps had fled the scene by the time police arrived. Cops are currently investigating the situation and wish to speak with Epps as a witness.

Thank God Know one was seriously hurt or harmed. will keep you updated as the story develops.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Slim The Mobster Shyne Po Airs 50 Cent Must See

Now where all this is coming from is as good as anybodies guess but the accusations spewed by Slim The Mobster that 50 Cent had an affair with Chris lighty wife is super crazy.To add insult to injury he joked and mentioned fiddy past responding to a tweet saying"no that was too feddicent he got shot holding a gun.

So Shyne Po tag teams tags along but dropped more than 50 cent name in his recent interview AllHipHop. Checkout what this brother said below in his statement, But before that the slim mobster tweet--Daddymack!!!

“But when it comes to the tough guy and hardcore rapping, you can’t do that. When I met him he was writing raps for Diddy on Forever. This was after Gotti and them poked him up in the Hit Factory and he ran to the cops and got a order of protection. He was walking around with a group of police, NYPD was holding him down. I swear to God he was in Daddy’s House in the lounge and he had security. He hadn’t sold one record. He hadn’t even put an album out.”

Shyne compared 50 Cent’s security to the type of protection that a famous artist like Jay-Z might use to ensure his safety.

“Hov was already selling millions of records, so of course you got to have security with you, cause you don’t wanna blow that investment. He 50 Cent was nobody, nobody knew who he was. He was hiding from Iv Gotti and Murder Inc. He’s the reason that Irv got indicted. He’s the reason that Kenneth Supreme McGriff is in prison for the rest of his life.”

So the question is how will 50 Cent respond to the Chris Lighty accusations and Shyne po going full speed ahead throwing shots at 50 cent?????

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Grand Theft Auto V [Video Game Trailer #2]

@SerenaWilliams Goes In On Common New Girlfriend

Serena Williams Goes In On Common New Girlfriend 'Your Friend Need To Get a Life'  + Common New Girlfriend 2012!! Looks like Serena is fed up with new Common girlfriend. Serena and Common had a friendly discussion the other day and Common mentioned that his GF saw something in Serena's TWEETS. Well that was ALL that Serena needed to hear. Last night Rena tweeted the following:
To the "boy" that reads my tweets and "The Bread" everything you are pathetic.
Initially she included COMMON in the chain of tweets. But she later DELETED his name.