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Monday, October 29, 2012

@tonibraxton Accused Fraudulently Sending $53,000

Toni Braxton fraudulently transferred $53,490 to her estranged husband in order to avoid paying back creditors in her bankruptcy case — so says the trustee of Toni’s bankruptcy estate. According to new docs filed in Toni’s ongoing bankruptcy case, Toni’s estranged husband Keri Lewis received the 5-figure sum after Toni’s money was already earmarked to repay creditors.

Now, the bankruptcy trustee is suing Lewis to get the money back — much like John Mayer was sued for $465,000 following a giant Ponzi scheme collapse in Seattle.

When Toni filed for bankruptcy the last time in 2010, she claimed she had between $10 million and $50 million worth of debt stemming from the cancellation of her Vegas shoes due to her health issues. The $50K she allegedly transferred to Keri wouldn’t have even put a dent in that debt but the law is the law. According to Toni’s rep, she followed it though, saying in a statement:

“All of the payments made to Lewis prior to Toni’s bankruptcy filing were appropriate transfers for reasonable and necessary personal and business expenses in the ordinary course of her business.”

Interestingly, on tonight’s VH1 “Behind The Music” special with Toni, she talks about her first bankruptcy in 1998 and the infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey in which the daytime talk show host lightweight went in on her for her financial choices. I believe this was also when Oprah said she signs every last one of her checks. Anyway, Toni didn’t appreciate the “lesson,” telling VH1:

“She was so frickin’ mean to me, I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it because I loved her so much. I looked up to her and she pretty much reprimanded me.

“She says to me, ‘I hear you have Gucci flatware; I’m Oprah Winfrey and I don’t have Gucci flatware’…You didn’t have Gucci flatware because you didn’t wanna buy it; it’s not because you couldn’t afford it. What do you mean? Immediately she made me feel this big. That moment changed my career. It made people look down on me.” According to TMZ

@TomCruise Intruder Shot On Site And Arrested

A cat-burglar was caught trespassing at Tom Cruise’s Beverly Hills crib on Sunday night.The man, who turned out to be Cruise’s neighbor, was popped off at with a Taser stun gun by one of Cruise’s security guards after he reportedly attempted to hop a fence onto the Tom's property around 9 p.m. PST.

Police identified the person as 41-year-old Jason Sullivan, whom they say was was drunk as all get out and may have entered the property by mistake. Sullivan was immediately arrested by police and taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries related to being tasered.

The good news is that, Cruise was not home when this happen or he probably would have pulled off a Mission Impossible will keep you updated!

WordWar @AyeVerb Speaks @CashEatin Vs. @Tone314

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Judge Rules With @DeionSanders Prenuptial Agreement @DeionSanders

Pilar and Deion’s divorce drama may be coming to a head soon. Yesterday morning, Pilar’s attempt at proving she was hoodwinked into signing  a prenuptial agreement and that the contract was forged and fake pages  were added failed completely –but not before her lawyers  gave their effort a good chance.

Pilar Sanders’ attorney said not only was the agreement a fraud, the whole marriage was a sham, Dallas/Fort Worth station WFAA said:   “She was tricked and defrauded at the time she signed agreement,” said attorney Larry Friedman. “Deion never intended this to be a lifetime commitment.” 

Mrs. Sanders’ original attorney, who worked on the pre-nuptial agreement, said Pilar got a $100,000 signing bonus to sign the document.   Deion’s attorney Rick Robertson said, “If the marriage was a fraud, then annul it and give back the money. Give back the $100,000 signing bonus.” 

Deion Sanders said his wife knew what she was doing, and is trying to squeeze more money out of him.   “Greed, greed!” Mr. Sanders said. “You signed it and now it’s over and your lifestyle is over, so you want to fight it. Greed.”The judge, who has heard similar arguments twice before, said Pilar Sanders willingly signed agreement, there was no fraud and told her attorneys not to bring the issues to his court again.



Is @kanyewest Engaged To @KimKardashian????

There was ALL SORTS OF SPECULATION that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian would get ENGAGED THE WEEKEND, which was Kim's birthday.
Well can EXCLUSIVELY confirm that they DID GET ENGAGED - well kinda.
You see LEGALLY Kim Kardashian is STILL MARRIED to Kris Humphries, so she can't legally be engaged when she's already married.
But that didn't stop Kanye. spoke to a member of the PRODUCTION TEAM of Kim's show, who tells us that Kanye gave her a 10 CARAT flawless diamond - and told her to wear it on her PINKY until her divorce is final. Then, claims our snitch, the couple can get it resized together . . . so that it fits her RING FINGER.
Very cute. We're kinda digging them two as a couple . . .
Oh, and members of the press - please credit if you use this report. THX!!!

@iamdiddy Involved In a Serious Car Accident

Diddy was involved in a serious car accident in L.A. moments ago ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, a car turned left in front of Diddy's SUV and Diddy's driver t-boned the other vehicle. Officers were called to the scene -- and cops claim everyone involved in the accident complained of pain, including Diddy, his driver, and the other driver.

It's unclear how seriously anyone was injured -- but law enforcement sources tell us, no one was transported to a hospital ... despite an ambulance being called.
A report was taken. No citations were issued. will keep you updated.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Uppercut Bus Driver - Turns HimSelf In

As recently reported. A RTA Bus driver Artis Hughes hit Shidea Lane with a uppercut that will be talked about for ages to come. Shidea Lane has spoken to the media since the incident and plans to file a lawsuit against the company.

On Today The Bus driver did the right thing by turning his self in, with the support of his fellow co workers who've worked with him for years. Checkout the video below of how it all went down today!--Daddymack

@KattPackAllDay Says @FAIZONLOVE Is A Snitch

Katt Williams Says Faizon Love is a SNITCH, He's a Bold Face Rat, He Told Street Business!! (NEW) -- Video Inside. Katt Williams finally explained the incident where he allegedly pulled a gun on Faizon Love... and the dude then proceeded to rip into Faizon even more!

Katt Williams Says Faizon Love is a SNITCH, He's a Bold Face Rat, He Told Street Business!! (NEW) -- Video Inside. Katt Williams finally explained the incident where he allegedly pulled a gun on Faizon Love... and the dude then proceeded to rip into Faizon even more!

Katt Williams Says Faizon Love is a SNITCH, He's a Bold Face Rat, He Told Street Business!! (NEW) -- Video Inside. Katt Williams finally explained the incident where he allegedly pulled a gun on Faizon Love... and the dude then proceeded to rip into Faizon even more!

@Tyrese Spends His Weekend In a Hospital E.R.

Tyrese in a Hospital E.R. after walking into a glass door. Don't judge me assholes is the message Tyrese sent out after walking into a glass door and spending his weekend in the E.R. Tyrese is currently working on several projects right now. He has a new book out with Rev Run, out right now.

Tyrese is shooting the movie Fast Six with Vin diesel and Ludacris. Tyrese recently inked a deal with Tank and Genuine to form a super group. So Im sure the injuries wont slow him down one bit.

Hey anybody know what happen to Tyrese playing Teddy Pendergrass in the Biopic??
-- Futuristic Blogger

@RealJoseGuapo - Salute a Playa {NEW SINGLE}

@MeekMill -Dreams & Nightmares Intro

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Flava Flav Arrested Assault W/A Deadly Weapon Charge!

TMZ has reported that legendary rapper of Public Enemy "Flava Flav" has been arrested on assault with a deadly weapon charge.
Flavor Flav was apparently arrested earlier this morning after allegedly assaulting someone in his Las Vegas home.
According to TMZ; The Legendary rapper got into an argument with his fiancee & a teenager in his home. The fiancee soon called the police after Flav threatened one person with a knife & battered another. It is unclear who he threatened & attacked.
He was arrested @ 3 a.m. & booked on felony assault with a deadly weapon & misdemeanor domestic violence. He is currently being held on $23,000 bail. Will Keep You updated on this story as it develops!

@KattPackAllDay Arrested For Unregistered Fire Arm

Katt Williams was hauled in by LAPD early this morning for a possible gun violation at a Hollywood nightclub. Law enforcement sources tell us police got a call around 1AM that someone was brandishing a gun at Supper Club ... and when officers arrived on scene a witness identified Katt as the suspect.

We're told police did not find a gun on Katt, but when they found one in his car -- Katt and two other members of his entourage were taken into custody for questioning.

Police have since released one of the men, and booked another on an unrelated traffic warrant.

Katt Williams is still being held.

Katt was just released without any charges. We're told the gun was unregistered and police are trying to find out who owns it. Katt tells TMZ it was all just a misunderstanding.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

@therealpinkyxxx Said She'll Let @ItsMystikal Beat On Cam

Pinky And Mystikal Sex Tape????...Porn Star Pinky Says I Will GLADLY Bone Mystikal on Tape. Rapper Mystikal's porn career is off to a promising start -- TMZ has learned, Mystikal's #1 porn star crush has AGREED to have sex with him on film ... but he better not plan to get paid for it.

XXX star Pinky -- who Mystikal named as his top choice to pop his porn cherry -- tells TMZ, she's flattered the rapper picked her ... and will gladly film a sex tape with him for her website.
But Pinky says she refuses to pay him -- because Mystikal is currently an "amateur" and Pinky doesn't pay amateurs ... "no matter how good he is in bed."

As we first reported, Mystikal says he's taking one last stab at the music biz before he gives up and turns to porn ... seriously.

As for his six-year prison stint for sexual battery, Pinky says it doesn't bother her one iota -- telling us, "I think he came out looking better than when he went in."

@Tyga and @blacchyna_mia Son King Cairo Stevenson

Look What MTO Did To @MISSMYA She Still Fine

@RealWizKhalifa Cabin Fever 2 - DJ Holiday, Taylor Gang Music

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

@50Cent Tells @FrencHMonTanA He Aint Sh*t

The List of rappers Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent had and have beef with has grown larger and larger. First notable rap beef was with platinum selling artist Ja'Rule, then Fat Joe/ The Game/Rick Ross, and the list keeps growing. French Montana is the latest rapper to fall vitcum to 50 Cent's verbal assult.

In a Interview with complex, French spoke on a few things concerning Curtis that flared 50 cent off. Checkout what he said below!--Daddymack

Complex--Right, because in the streets beef is way to expand your territory.  Before, like with 50 Cent, beef used to be good for business. But now, beef is  bad for business.
French--That’s why I stay away from it.

Complex--Is that why you’re one the few rappers that’s cool with all the big  crews?

French--I used to be enemies with everybody, now I’m just cool with everybody. You  have to learn you get more money like that.

Complex--Is that why you avoid some of the situations? I look at someone like  Pusha saying Lil Wayne’s Dedication 4isn’t that good. Whereas you,  you have Wayne on your songs but you rolled with Kanye before and then you also  hang out with Rick Ross. It seems like avoiding beef has been a conscious  decision.

French--Yeah, you have to. I feel like you have to expand. But when you beef, you put  negative energy out there and it brings negative energy back. When you put  something positive out there, it brings positive energy back. I feel like if you  want to beef go to the streets, beef with niggas that really wanna beef. If you  have nothing to live for. Beef is not about money.


Damn so this brother ends one beef to start another one. Question Is 50 Cent Addicted to beef?? Will he truely ever give up whats been working for him so well from the gate which is beefing through out his whole career?? will keep you updated

@50Cent With @GunPlayMMG Chain On

Was @Drake Having Cyber Sex With @Dee_Manni

 Last night Drake was online - searching for FREAKS - and he found one - a "model" named Dee Manni. The YMCMB rapper holla'd at her in a chatroom - and quickly got her to get NEKKID ON CAMERA.
What happened next?? Well nothing . . . the chick got a CHEAP computer .. . and it froze.
But you can see Drake's GAME

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

@LITO615 Starlito Performs In #STL

@GunPlayMMG Turned Himself In Today staff recently reported that Maybach Music's "GunPlay" got into a scuffle with rapper 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson in Atlanta gearing up for the 2012 Bet Awards which airs tonite 9/8. No one was harmed seriously and the thick of the drama blew over.

 Today we're getting word that he has to turn himself in for a warrant that was placed on him five months ago for Armed Robbery & Assault Charges. Angela Yee Broke the news from Breakfast club today.


@LilTunechi Kissing @hitmansteviej #SMH Really

Monday, October 8, 2012

@reggie_bush Girl Friend Lilit Avagyan Is Pregnant

hearing RUMORS ON THE INTERNETS that NFL star running back Reggie Bush and his model GF Lilit Avagyan are expecting a child together.
The couple were photo'd together this summer, on a Paris vacation. Well the vacation must have been A LOTTA FUN . . . cause the streets say that's where Reggie KNOCKED HER UP.
Good luck to them both . . . we guess.

Monday, October 1, 2012

@gucci1017 Goes Fishing In His JACUZZI!!!

Some folks use their jacuzzi to relax . . . other use it to entertain . . . but rapper Gucci Mane uses it to FISH. We're told that he routinely puts LIVE FRESH WATER FISH in his jacuzzi . . . and then goes fishing.

@myfabolouslife Might Be Engaged @EmilyB Is Wearing A Dimond Ring

 We can't be CERTAIN . . . but it look slike Emily and her longtime BF, rapper Fabolous are engaged. First . . . we've been hearing WHISPERS from the set of her new reality show - CHRISSY AND MRS JONES - that Emily will be making an announcement.
If they ARE engaged, we're really happy for the two. First, it's clear that FAB loves her and she seems like a real GOOD WOMAN.
Plus you KNOW that would mean that they would get their own VH1 show too!!

@GunplayMMG responds to footage of him being jumped