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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cedric The Entertainer’s Top 5 Voices In Music

K Michelle From Love And Hip Hop Gets Nekkid

Love And Hip Hop star K Michelle took to TWITTER yesterday after learning that both TAMAR Braxton and MEMPHITAZ are threatening to sue her for SLANDER.
Tamar is suing K Michelle, because she called Tamar A MUPPET . . . and we guess you can SUE someone for clowning you nowadays #sideeye#
And Memphitz is suing because of those ABUSE claims.
K Michelle ain't SWEATING IT though. She just released a new NEKKID pic of herself in retaliation. (Not sure HOW that helps her situation . . . but we like NEKKID PICS)

Chris Brown GF Got A GF And She Bad I'll Beat

been hearing WHISPERS for some time about the BUDDING relationship between Chris Brown's ex-GF Draya (from Basketball Wives) and his NEW GF Karrueche.
At first we didn't think much of it . . . but new evidence suggests that the two girls are "dating."
If you look at Kae's Instagram from My 31st . . . she openly tweets about being "on a date" with Draya, a former SKRIPPER and GROUPIE. Then, two days ago,both ladies took to twitter . . . excited about going on "a date." It turns out Draya and Kae were together that night too.
Wow . . . we like Kae a LOT MORE now that we know how she gets down . . . And we'd bet SO DOES CHRIS!!!

What Is Your PASSION (Episode 2): WHO'S GONNA BE THE DJ?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kim K Tries To Get On Robert Griffin III!!!

Kim Kardashian has to be the most SCANDALOUS chicks in the entire universe. According to the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER at the NBC show 30 Rock (i.e. dude is VERY credible), Kim was SCHEMING to cheat on Kanye West . . . with the number 2 draft pick Robert Griffin III . . . just a few weeks ago.
Here is what Jack Burdett, the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of the show 30 Rock said in a recent radio interview at "The Rich Eisen Podcast":
Kardashian was on the "30 Rock" set in April to film the season finale of the NBC sitcom. RG3 was on hand to watch the taping just hours after being selected by Washington. Going down a road we've traveled before, Kim took one look at the pro athlete and was intrigued.

"She sat next to me, while we were watching the show on the monitor," Burditt said, "and RG3 is a few seats down, and during the commercial break, she starts asking me questions about him. Like, 'Now, he's a football player, right?' I'm like, yeah, yeah. (Kim says,) 'And he just ... something big happened, right?' I'm like, well, yeah, he just was the No. 2 overall pick tonight. (She asks) 'And what team?' ... Washington. (She asks) 'What's Washington?' ... Redskins.

She goes, 'I don't know much about football, but, so what's his deal?' And I'm thinking, 'You stay away from him. This is a nice young man.' "

Burditt warned Eisen: "Her inner alarm was going off."
Note the NFL Draft (when RG3 was picked) was on April 25, 2012. Kim and Kanye were dating PUBLICLY since early April.


Carmelo Anthony Buys $1 MILLION Ring For LaLa C Day

50 Cent Was In A DEVASTATING Car Crash This Morning

just learned that 50 Cent was in a bad accident last night. According to his website, his bullet-proof SUV was rear-ended by a Mack truck on the Long Island Expressway (a highway in New York City).
He was put on a stretcher and taken to the nearest Queens hospital where they are currently running test on his neck and back.
His driver is also currently in the hospital as the SUV almost flipped over.
EDITORS UPDATE: We're told that 50 has been RELEASED from the hospital. He did not sufer any major injuries.
Photos: courtesy

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Meek Mill Hits Harder Than His Own Security Guard(Punching Bag Competition)

Rick Ross Paid $1,000 For A Bud Of Weed

Kim K & BEYONCE Photo'd @ Jay Z And Ye Show

Chris Brown & Rihanna Back TOGETHER PROOF!!!

We all SUSPECTED that it would happen . . . and now it HAS. I have OFFICIALLY learned that Chris Brown and Rihanna have begun SEEING each other again.
According to a person IN THE KNOW . .. the two have been having SECRET RENDEZVOUS . . . in New York and Los Angeles . . . and rekindling their relationship.
And they're not being TOO CAREFUL about hiding their tracks. You see, two days ago - Rih teeted a pic of her wearing CHRIS CHAIN . . and asking "Were Have You Been". Chris responded, by "liking" that pic.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Evelyn Lozada ADMITS FREAKINESS SCALE From One To Ten She's An ELEVEN!!!

Video streaming by Ustream
A few days ago, Evelyn Lozada from Basketball Wives stopped by Kandi's internet sex talk show and she opened up about her sex life.

When asked if she and Chad have anal sex, and if the girl she and Chad almost had a threesome with performed oral sex on her, she responded, "Yes."

Kandi asked Ev if she was into "tossing salads" and "swallowing":

Evelyn responded, "Yes for both but wait let me make something clear. I have eaten a** but not Chad’s a**. He's not into that [laughs]."

One Of Kandi's co-hosts asked, "Have you ever had a THREESOME with Chad?"

Evelyn responded, "Almost." Then dude followed up was she in the room nekkid?" Evelyn responded, "Yes"

Kandi then asked what her favorite position was:

Evelyn responded, "I like being on top. I’m a rider."

Kandi then asked, "From 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) what is your FREAK nimber."

Evelyn responded: "I'm an 11."

Rumor Is Kim Khloe Kardashian Sex Tape With MARK CUBAN!!!

learned that Gino Romano filed a lawsuit on June 19, 2012 in the U.S. District Court in Dallas against Kim Kardashian, Mark Cuban, Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom and Kris Jenner.
Class injunctive actions where the plaintiff claims he was in a suite at a Dallas Mavericks game that was next to Cuban’s personal suite. He claims he overheard Cuban offering to not cut Odom from the roster if defendants’ Khloe and Kim Kardashian agreed to shoot a sex tape with him.
The plaintiff claims that he now has the SEXTAPE in his possession and he's worried that Mark or the Kardashians are coming after him . . . so he's suing as a PRE-EMPTIVE strike.

Sounds a little FAR FETCHED to us . . . but you can't put ANYTHING past those Karadshians

FORGOT How Crazy Amber Rose's BODY Was


Serena Williams Went Bare No Draws

Is J-Lo BF Gay These Pics Say He Is

Jennifer Lopez' bf Casper just got put on BLIZZZASTTTT!! You see one of his old DANCER BUDDIES is upset . . . and claiming that Casper is FOOLING JENNIFER. According to his ex-buddy, Casper is a GAY GIGOLO who is pretending to be straight . .. so that he could TAKE J Lo's money.
Sounds pretty FAR FETCHED right . . . well peep the pics of Casper below . . . looking SWEETER than a handful of JOLLY RANCHERS.
Dang J Lo . .. you look like REAL FOOL right now . . .

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tia Mowry explains why she decided to quit The Game on #SwayInTheMorning

What Yall Think



Pusha-T Says Lil' Wayne's Diss Record Was "Trash"

50 Cent talks Dr. Dre Detox Hold Up No Feat Rick Ross

Lil Boosie And C-Murder Locked Up Together, C-Murder Has Not Spoken To Master P In 5 Years And Waiting For Appeal

M-11 Of TRU Records which is the company of C-Murder, has revealed that Lil Boosie is locked up in angola prison with C-Murder. He also said they are keeping in contact and are keeping each others spirits up. M-11 touched on the relationship of C-Murder and his brother Master P who have not spoken for 5 years. C-murder is currenty waiting for an appeal on a life sentence.

Face to Face: Ca$h Out Great Interview

Trae Tha Truth Talks About Being Shot & Ppl Dying

After suffering a gunshot wound to the shoulder early yesterday [June 20] in a deadly parking lot shoot out, Houston rapper Trae Tha Truth is speaking out about the incident fresh from the hospital. In an interview with, Trae says he was surrounded by a crowd of people outside Scores Cabaret when the assailants ran toward him.

“I’m not sure exactly what the altercation was necessarily about, but long story short, whatever transpired, they ran in my direction, so in the process of running in my direction, that kind of had everybody in the open,” Trae said. “So as the altercation came my way, shots were being dispersed, but since it was coming our direction, it was a crowd of people. Everybody was wrong place, wrong time.”

The Grand Hustle artist, who has collaborated with everyone from Rick Ross to Wiz Khalifa, said he was still in the healing process and has yet to have the bullet removed.

“The bullet’s still in my shoulder. They changing bandages now and it’s still bleeding,” he said.

Three people, two men and one woman, were killed in the 3 a.m. shooting and another man was injured. Trae said he knew two of the fallen.

“My brother, who got killed on Thanksgiving, Clip, his nephew was killed. And one of my peoples, an upcoming rapper from Houston, Cal Wayne, one of his people got killed, too," he said. "She was amongst the innocent bystanders. And then I was shot and somebody else was shot. It was just crazy, man.”

Since the shooting, Trae said he's been dismayed by the media's association of his career as a rapper with the violence. His spirits were lifted, though, by an outpouring of support from within the hip hop community.

“At the same time, I have received a lot of support throughout the industry. Immediately," he said. "Yo Gotti called me when I was in the hospital. Trey Songz hit me. Rick Ross hit me. 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Lupe [Fiasco]. Really, 98 percent of the industry called me already and been real supportive, let me know, if I need anything [they were there]. Of course Tip [T.I.] been real supportive, that’s my brother. A lot of people been checking on me and seeing what’s needed

Adidas Slave Shoes

Laruen London Will Replace Tia Mowry On The Game

99.9 PERCENT sure that we're DONE with The Game. But if ANYONE could restore our faith in the series - it's actress Lauren London. And she just got HIRED on as Tia's replacement.
Here's how it's being reported by
[Lauren London] — whose credits also include Single Ladies and Madea’s Big Happy Family – will play Kiera, a former child star who is currently appearing in a Cosby Show-esque sitcom. Producers are also on the lookout for an actor to play an all-star running back. Both roles are intended to fill the void left by departing cast members Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall (aka Melanie and Derwin). Back for the new season are Wendy Raquel Robinson, Coby Bell, Hosea Chanchez, Brandy Norwood and Barry A. Floyd.

Love & HipHop K Michelle Shows Her Tits

                                                                        Click To See

Monday, June 18, 2012

Yo Gotti - I Got Dat Sack (Official Video)

Juicy J feat. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz - Bands A Make Her Dance (Remix)

Birdman Speaks On Drake and Chris Brown Club Incident (Video)

2 Chainz - No Lie (Explicit) ft. Drake

Chief Keef Signs To Interscope

After a major label bidding war that saw his friends Lil Durk & Lil Reese sign to Def Jam, 16-year-old Chicago rapper Chief Keef has signed with Interscope Records.
via MTV:
“I’ve been talkin’ to a lot of labels, but I just noticed that Interscope got people like 50, Eminem,” Keef told us after he got off stage performing his breakout track, “I Don’t Like.”
The teenage spitter also revealed that he signed a publishing deal with Dr. Dre.

Mike Tyson Playing With A Titty

Bj Says Hw Will Kill HitMan Holla In A Battle. How Much Would You Jimp In This Fountain For?

Jay Z PROTEGE Rita Ora's TIDDAY Pops Out On Stage