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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rajon Rondo Scores 44 Point In Loss To The Heat

He Has My Respect 

JR Smith Might Be Dating The #Slut Rihanna

So according to our peeps over at the NY Daily News, Rihanna is"dating" NBA baller JR Smith. They say that while she was in Miami last weekend KICKIN' IT with Drake . . . she took time out to meet up with her new BF, NY Knicks star JR Smith!!

Here's what they say:
We hear the danger-loving Barbadian beauty and the ballplayer have been quietly keeping time together for weeks, and one down-South source tells us that they were “definitely hanging out” in Miami this weekend after Smith’s run-in with cops there on Thursday.

Smith, 26, was picked up in South Beach on an outstanding bench warrant for driving without a valid license. He reportedly bonded out on Friday, in plenty of time to hang with the pulchritudinous pop star over the Memorial Day weekend, and that coincided with the culmination of Urban Beach Week, which the Miami Herald called “South Beach’s biggest party of the year.”

Our source says Rihanna, 24, partied at LIV nightclub in Miami’s Fontainebleau Hotel Sunday night and was joined there by Smith.

Nude Pics Of NFL Ryan Grants Jump Off

Michael Jordan's Son TRICKIN OFF PORNO STAR Rachel Roxx

Sooo . . . we're not sure if Marcus Jordan MEANT for the tweet to go public but . . . Lil Jordan sent out a tweet of porno star Rachel Roxx. He sais that he wanted to go for "round 2" and ended the tweet with the DOLLAR SYMBOLS $$.
When TWEETING goes wrong!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PushaT - Exodus 23:1 The Lil Wayne Drake Diss Video

Gas House Gang - "The Gas House Gang"


ANDRE 3000 On Set Of His New JIMI HENDRIX Movie

50 Cent And Floyd Mayweather FIGHT Over 10,000 In Las Vegas

Superstar rapper 50 Cent and boxing's ALL TIME GREAT Floyd Mayweather Jr are known to be BEST FRIENDS . . . but they weren't two nights ago at Las Vegas hot spot n9ne steakhouse. According to an EXTREMELY reliable insider, 50 and Floyd got into a PUBLIC FIGHT.
Here's what popped off . . . We're told that 50 and Money May placed a FRIENDLY $10,000 WAGER, on a boxing match that took place Saturday night - and that 50 Cent WON.
But 50 reportedly was having trouble COLLECTING his money from Mayweather. The insider explained, "It's not like [Floyd] didn't have the money, he did. But he just wasn't paying . . . it was almost like he was trying to PUNK 50."
And everyone in hiphop knows . . . 50's no punk. So on Sunday night, it ERUPTED at n9ne steakous in Vegas. Insider explained, 50 was like 'Where's my money, I'm not playing.' So Floyd was like 'What are you gonna do if I don't pay you.' Next thing you know it was PANDEMONIUM."
Not going to go FURTHER on what happened, because Floyd is OUR PEEPS, and the police in Vegas are looking for any reason to LOCK HIS AZ UP. But lets just say that both HE and 50 Cent showed that they were TRUE WARRIORS. An eyewitness puts the . . . confrontation . . . at a draw.

Kim Kardashian Flirting With Rob Gronkowski A Slut Gone Be A Slut

m Kardashian spent the FIRST weekend in a LNG TIE apart from his new muse, Kim Kardashian.
And while YEEZY was away . . . the Kardashian wil play. According to TWO separate spies, Kim Kardashian was at Harrah's in Atlantic City hosting a pool party on Sunday. And there were a few celebs at the event . .. including New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.
We're told that Kim and Rob hung out for about 30 minutes, talking and flirting. And that before it was over, GRONK gave her his NUMBER.
As one MTOer put it, "They were so into each other. I guess Kim is over her whole 'Black Guy' phase and is dating white boys."

Nicki Minaj's Dancers Charged With Rape and Possibly MURDER

SHOCKING ALLEGATION against one of rap superstar Nicki Minaj's dancers, and a tour affiliate. The incident happened while Nicki was touring the Asian nation of Japan.
First, let's be clear. Nicki had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this, and the alleged rapists weren't even part of her MAIN TOUR TEAM. They were just some low level members of the crew.
James “King Tight” Blackston 23, a backup dancer, and Larry Perry, a 19 year old musician are being charged with RAPE and possibly with MURDER for the death of a 19 year old Irish Exchange student named Nicola Furlong.
No one knows EXACTLY what happened other than those guys . .. but this is what ALLEGEDLY happened. Nicola and a friend met up with King Tight and Larry after the Nicki Minaj concert (which we believe King Tight was working). Well the girls were very drunk after the concert and decided to go home with King Tight and Larry. One girl went with King Tight, and Nicola went with Larry.
Nicole ended up being STRANGLED TO DEATH and early reports say that a sexual act was performed on her corpse. At the time she was alone in the room with Larry.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lil Wayne Disses Pusha T, Malice & KiD CuDi Respond

Whether we want to say for sure if Pusha T’s controversial “Exodus 23:1“—set to appear on the forthcoming G.O.O.D. Music compilation, Cruel Summer, as well as Pusha’s upcoming solo LP—is in fact a call-out track to YMCMB’s ring leaders, Lil Wayne definitely wasn’t too happy about it. Tune took to Twitter to express his feelings on Pusha T (and anybody that love ‘em).
UPDATE: Both KiD CuDi and Malice took to Twitter themselves and revealed their thoughts as well. Check them after the jump.


Yo Gotti Says Album With Him & Young Jeezy Will Be Crazy For The Streets.

2 Chainz Speak On His Arrest They Took His Ring

Get More: Music News

Nelly (O.E.M.O) - How Do YOU Getcho Money feat. Lil St.louis and Trixie

iPhone app helps St. Louis police nab robbery suspect

An iPhone app helped St. Louis police track down a suspect who they say robbed four friends at gunpoint as they were taking pictures near the flood walls along the riverfront.
Tyrone Coleman, 22, of the 2500 block of Montgomery has been charged with four counts of armed criminal action, two counts of robbery and two counts of assault after police say he held up four friends from south St. Louis County on May 18 near 800 S. Leonor K. Sullivan Blvd.
The victims told police the robber parked near them and initially was friendly, telling them that he was a rapper named "Lil St. Louis" and showing them a video in which he appeared on YouTube. In it, he can be seen waving around a gun, which the victims later told police he used during the robbery.
The victims told police that a female passenger with a child that looked to be younger than 1 was inside the robber's vehicle at the time of the robbery.
Once Coleman left their car with their money and cell phones, Coleman started shooting at them, striking their vehicle three times and flattening a tire, according to court documents.
They returned to one of their homes in south St. Louis County where one of the victims' relatives activated an app on his iPhone, which used GPS technology to show it was at a location along the 3900 block of Parnell. Detectives then spotted a car matching the description of Coleman's vehicle there and found some of the stolen property in a trashcan in the front yard of the residence.
The victims then picked Coleman out of a lineup.
He is being held on $60,000 cash-only bail.

Lil Wayne Fire Shots @ Pusha T

Contract all f***ed up, I guess that means you’re all f***d up
You signed to one n***a, that signed to another n****a, that signed to three n****’s now that’s bad luck
Sheesh. Since Weezy is the YMCMB general, he wasted no time standing up for his team and sending a public message to Pusha via twitter:
Now Pusha & Wayne have a history of going back and forth. In 2006 Push accused Wayne of biting his style by wearing A Bathing Ape, a Japanese streetwear brand that experienced a surge of popularity in the mid-to-late 00s. As of late, the two seemed to no longer have any issues, but that doesn’t seem to be the case nowadays.

Tech 9 "I Smell P*ssy" (Diss Ayeverb,Charlie Clips,Hitman Holla & Shotgun Suge)

Pusha T - "Exodus 23:1" (Drake Diss?)

Trey Songz SLapped Rob Kardashian

YET ANOTHER reason to love R&B singer Trey Songz . . . he SLAPPED A KARDASHIAN!!!
According to an EXTREMELY reliable insider, Rob Kardashian, Scott Disick and a reality show film crew were filming in the VIP section of London's MOVIDA nightclub. And then Trey Songz and his entourage arrived.
The insider explained, "Trey arrived with about 10 guys and they took over the VIP." But when Trey and co learned that there were VIDEO CAMERAS recording just a few tables away . . . they put a stop to it.'s insider continued, "Trey went over and told them to 'Get the f*ck out.' Rob thought [Trey] was joking so he stood up and tried to talk, that's when [Trey] slapped him in the face hard."
So what happened next? The insider tells, "Rob told everyone 'Let's go' and they all left."
Oh, and by the CALIBER of the INFORMANT . . . we're pretty confident that this is FACT, not rumor.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Joakim Noah Steals His GFs Phone Starts TEXTING Her NEW DUDE!

NBA ALL STAR Joakim Noah is a REAL SIMP. You see, according to pro-baller Nic Wise - who plays ball overseas in France - Joakim STOLE his gfs phone . . . and started TEXTING all the guys numbers in it.
Joakim sent Nic a text . . . asking her how he knows his GF.
Dang Joakim . . . pull yourself TOGETHER bruh. Simping THIS HARD really ain't becoming . . .

Selena Gomez BREAKS UP With Justin Beiber RUMORE Slept With RIHANNA!!!!

just got word of an EXPLOSIVE piece of information. According to the streets (and the STREETS we're talking about are usually RELIABLE), Justin Bieber and his longtime GF Selena Gomez are OVER.
The streets are saying that Selena Gomez DUMPED Justin, after she heard RUMORS that he and pop SUPERSTAR Rihanna were getting very friendly - and Selena suspected that Justin was SMASHING!!!
And word is that the rumor of Rihanna-Beiber is SO PREVALENT that it got to CHRIS BROWN. And THAT'S what promoted him to BLAST Rihanna in that Theraflu remix.
Oh, and there is SOME EVIDENCE that this is true. First off, Justin attended the BILLBOARD AWARDS two days ago WITHOUT Selena. And when he won the award, he DIDN'T THANK HER.
And then there's Twitter. As of this weekend, Selena STOPPED FOLLOWING JUSTIN On Twitter!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cassie Out With Didy He Almost Falls In The Ocean

Diddy's SON Justin GF REAL CUTE Latina Chick!!!

Diddy's Son Justin Was on Twitter . . . showing off his new GF. She's a cute girl . .

Pau Gasol Sexual Hurass Serge Ibaka after Loss

After the Lakers LOST last night, Oklahoma Thunder player Serge Ibaka went to offer a sportman-like hug to the Lakers' Pau Gasol.
Pau must have taken the gesture as something MORE THAN IT WAS . . . cause he GRABBED Serge's JANK!!

Texans Rashad Butler Wifes Porn Star Mya G

We know that ballers aren't the SMARTEST bunch . . . but this is just RE-DANG-DICULOUS!!!  learned that Houston Texans offensive lineman Rashad Butler is dating popular ADULT film star Mya G.
How seriously . . . well a  snitch says that they're talking MARRIAGE.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lauren London Dumps Trey Songz REFUSES To Get Her PREGNANT!!

Actress Lauren London and R&B sensation TREY SONGZ have been dating now for nearly TWO years . . . and now we hear, it's a WRAP.
According to the streets, Trey and Lauren began CASUALLY dating a few months AFTER Lauren gave birth to her son (Lil Wayne's baby). And despite being a LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP, the two quickly FELL IN LOVE . . . and were dating HEAVY for the better part of the last two years.
Now the streets are saying that Trey and Lauren are DONE. What happened? Well they say that Lauren wanted to have a CHILD with Trey, but Trey felt that he wasn't ready.
So after PUSHING Trey for some time, says the streets, Lauren decided to call it quits.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jay Z Artist Rita Ora Expose Nipples

Actress Sophia Vergara GETS NEKKID GQ Magazine

The latest issue of GQ Magazine in Mexico shows actress Sophia Vergara . . . BUTT NEKKID. And we knoew her body was CRAY . . . but wow!!

Chris Brown Takes Takes Shoots @ Rihanna

Shots FIRED . . . SHOTS FIRED!!! EXCLUSIVELY learned that last night Chris Brown released a REMIX to Kanye West's song Theraflu. In Theraflu Kanye West WENT HARD at Kim Kardashian's ex, Kris Humphries.
But in Breezy's remix - he WENT HARD . . . at his ex-girlfriend RIHANNA. In the song, Chris basically calls RIHANNA A HEAUX. As EXCLUSIVELY reported, Chris and Rihanna had been EXPLORING the possibility of getting back together.
But in the past few months Rihanna has been linked to A NUMBER of OTHER people, including Ashton Kutcher, Drake, NFL star Darren McFadden and his girlfriend, and rapper Meek Mill. We guess Chris is BUTT HURT that Rihanna is living her ife. And so he is releasing a VERY DISRESPECTFUL RAP SONG . . . calling Rih out her name
Here are the lyrics directed at her:
“Don’t f*ck with my old bitch it’s like a bad fur
Every industry n*gga done had her
Shook the tree like a pumpkin just to smash her,
B*tch is breaking codes, but I'm the password”


spoke with A ROCK SOLID INSIDER who tells us that rapper Rick Ross underwent STOMACH SURGERY a little more than a month ago.
The insider tells us that last fall, Ross got "LAP BAND" surgery which reduces the amount of food he can eat. And that he's got a new diet and an exercise regiment, meant to get him into TIP TOP SHAPE.
And it's working. We're told that ROZAY has already lost 20 pounds . . . and counting!!! Can't WAIT to see the new RICKY ROZAY!!!