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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rumor Is Diggy Simmons Is Engaged

from an ENTERTAINMENT INSIDER, that at least one person in DIGGY SIMMONS camp believes that he got SECRETLY ENGAGED to his girlfriend, fellow artist JESSICA JARRELL.
The insider tells us that Diggy and Jessica got ENGAGED around Christmas, and they intend to get married in exactly ONE YEAR - when Diggy turns18 (He turned 17 today).
Well, engaged is onething - MARRIED, something else. And the kids got a WHOLE YEAR to come to their senses . . .


  1. I HATE YOU DIGGY SIMMONS I use to be an big fan of you now your dead to me I still wouldn't like you if you were the last man on earth I told my mom how much I wanted to date diggy simmons im gonna start a sight and destroy your life you just watch you don't think I won't you just watch what got to say to that you think you gone find guess again because in somewhere far away from you.

  2. idiot...get a life

  3. I hope u guys have a successful marriage and u guys grow a family