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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kirko Bangz- Drank In My Cup Official Video

Diggy Simmons Speaks On His Low Album Sales! (Sold 20,000 Units First Week)

Kobe Bryant vs Lebron James vs Michael Jordan: Who's Better?

Jay Z Wearing A Brooch

I Know You Old And I Know Its Probably Worth Some Bread But You Tripping #Onme

Chris Brown Buys His GF NEW CAR $100K SPORTS CAR!

She Is Winning

Court Documents NFL Player Eric Green RAPED A Tranney

BREAKING NEWS REPORT. NFL player Eric Green, who played cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers was found LIABLE of RAPING A DUDE in his butt!!!
A transgender man who goes by the name Angelina Mavila filed a $10 million sex assault suit against Eric Green, claiming that Eric forcibly sodomized him/her in the anus.
The lawsuit was filed in 2010, and now Angelina FINALLY got justice. As the below history shows, she was granted a $160K judgment against Eric.
Members of the press are REQUIRED To Credit for this EXCLUSIVE Report. If you don't, we will NEVER link to you, or credit your stories EVER. And that goes for the folks over at YAHOO SPORTS and ESPN too!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Nas is just BEGGING to get his azz locked up. Details of his latest JEWELRY PURCHASE was leaked yesterday. Here is description of the pieces:
The pendant boasts over a kilo of 18k gold and is covered in flawless white diamonds. It features a 3D bust of Chichen Itza, the ancient Mayan pyramid that sits at the historic archaeological site in Mexico.
One of the most impressive features is the spot-on, replica engraving of the Mayan calendar on the back of the piece.
And the chain came with a a custom PINKY RING. Nas currently owes the IRS about $6 MILLION.

IGGY AZALIA Was In ATLANTA She Might Have Butt Shots

She Is Signed Under TI Label


All you HIP HOP FANS looking for the latest HIP HOP BEEF . . . well Diggy Simmons is poppin off. His target - DRAKE.
Yesterday Diggy went on Facebook and CLOWNED DRAKE . . . and asked his fans to DESCRIBE Drake's eyebrow in two words.

Stripper Repping For TRAYVON!!! #SMH

This Is Taking It To Far Do This As A Women Not A Stipper

BLAKE GRIFFIN'S Girlfriend Talked Bad To On Twitter

 Ladies, if your dating a baller and you have a CHECKERED PAST . . try and be DISCREET. That's what a Cali model named ELLIE found out when she took to Twitter to BRAG about her new BF . . . NBA star Blake Griffin.
A former friend of Ellie's put her ON BLIZASSTT!!! See below!!

Kim K Still Being A #Slut

In this week's issue of In Touch magazine, they say that Kim Kardashian has been CREEPING with Eva Longoria's BF Eduardo Cruz. Here is what they're saying:
Breaking one of the most important codes of friendship, Kim has been THROWING herself at Eduardo Cruz - the boyfriend of her best friend, Eva Longoria. Through a friend, Eva found out about their steamy secret romance - but selfish Kim doesn't care.
F*CK THAT . . . if we were Eva we'd be WHOOPING some Kardashian AZZ!! But wait, it gets even more SCANDALOUS!!
Kim, 31, is lonely and desperate enough to betray her best friend. And so she's pulling out all the stops to make Eduardo forget about Eva - from pointing out he fact that she's "younger than Eva," and more willing to have babies right away . . . to arranging a top secret romantic getaway with him."
Obviously this chick is just WITHOUT MORALS . . . if we were LaLa Vasquez-Anthony. . . we'd keep our husband AWAY FROM HER!!!

Dudes Shopping SEXTAPE Showing Actress Maia Campbell (Was It SEX Or RAPE????)

Actress Maia Campbell may be on the road to RECOVERY, but a group of LOS ANGELES men are still trying to DRAG HER name into the dirt. received a PREVIEW of a DVD that will soon be up for sale.
The grainy video shows what appears to be actress Maia Campbell having sex with as many as TWENTY MEN. And get this, the girl in the video appears to be UNCONSCIOUS for some of the acts.
We made the editorial decision NOT to show any of the images. As far as we're concerned if a woman is NOT CONSCIOUS while she's having sex with dudes, that's a GANG RAPE and not a GANG BANG!!
We're sure there are OTHER FOLKS ON THE INTERNET who will post them though . . . SMH.
Developing . . .

Black Women Always Hating On A Black Brother

Can We Start Treating Each Other Better As Black People We Need To Do Better

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cubana Lust Weighs Over 200 POUNDS ALL AZZ AND TIDDAYS!!

Thick Or Fat

Katt Stacks Admits That She LIED On Rapper Soulja Boy

Two years ago, a GROUPIE/PROSTITUTE named Katt Stacks took the world by storm - by sayingall kinds of CRAZY ISH about rappers. And her most shocking claim was a VIDEO she released, where she was in a hotel room with rapper SOULJA BOY.
On the video, she told viewers that Soulja Boy had just finished doing LINES OF COKE - and she showed what appeared to be COCAINE POWDER.
Well it turns out it was ALL LIES. Peep what Katt Stacks said yesterday on Twitter. She's now facing DEPORTATION - and so she's trying to COME CLEAN . . . . and be model citizen.



a couple of weeks ago that JORDIN SPARKS and JASON DERULO were dating. They got close after Jason SERIOUSLY INJURED his neck . . . and now the two are IN LOVE.

A New TRAYVON MARTIN T-Shirt Selling In The HOOD

We Have To Do Better That Man Was Wrong But We Do Not Need To Be Doing Stuff Like This #SMH

TefPoe Speaks On SXSW And XXL With DJ Who Beta

Seth Curry's GIRLFRIEND What Would You Rate Her

The young lady is named Anastasia Simone and she is a college student/model. She's a cute girl . . . maybe an 8 or so . . .

Khloe Kardashian Is DIVORCING Lamar To Boost Ratings On Her TV SHOW!!!

A close friend revealed: “Kris is constantly telling Khloe that marital conflicts equals ratings! Kris has convinced Khloe that if it weren’t for Lamar, she would not have her own reality show and that if she wants another season she needs to embellish the conflicts in the marriage because that’s what viewers want.”

But the 56 year-old seems unaware of the damage she is actually doing to her daughter’s marriage as her NBA star husband’s career begins to suffer due to his role in the reality TV drama.
”Kris is blind to the fact that Khloe and Lamar’s relationship is suffering because of reality TV,” the source revealed, “Lamar is a pretty laid back person but he has had enough. He feels like a puppet and he has already told Khloe that he is not going to create drama on the show for ratings, in fact, he wants out completely.”

TI Daughter Zonnique SWEET 16 Diddy Son Was Her Date

Last night Tiny and TI threw Zonnique a SUPER SWEET 16 . . . and we got some early pics. We're told that TONS of celebs were there including Nelly, Kandi Burress, Diggy Simmons, and Reginae Carter.
But the star of the show was . . . BY FAR . . . Zonnique. Who is growing into a STUNNING BEAUTY!!!
Oh and her date to the event, was Diddy's 18 year old son Justin - who bought Zonnique a DIAMOND NECKLACE as a gift. Her parents bought her a PORSCHE SUV for her birthday.