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Monday, January 2, 2012

Rumour Is DJ Drama Is Getting Divorce

If there are any SWINGERS out there . . . y'all gotta explain this to us . . . how can you be ANGRY if your husband steps OUTSIDE your marriage????
Well that's EXACTLY what's going on between DJ Drama, gov't name Tyree Simmons, and his video vixen wife of 3 years, Summer Walker (above). As EVERYONE in Atlanta knows, these two are rumored to PARTAKE in alternative activities with other females.
Well now we're told that Summer is planning on DIVORCING Drama - case she found out that he had a "secret" mistress. How does she know? Well the MISTRESS contacted Summer via FACEBOOK. And told her that she and Summer's husband were LOVERS - and that she was pregnant.
The mistress KEPT SNITCHING. She also revealed that Drama offered the JUMPOFF $10,000 to have an abortion.
But being the true GOLD DIGGING JUMP that she is . . . she calculated that she could get WAY MORE than 10 RACKS if she had the baby. So she's currently pregnant and is taking it TO TERM.

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