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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sick Trickshots! These White Boys Cold Pause

LaLa At A Business Lunch Looking Fire

Rihanna Makes Me Sick She Is Not A Thug

Kim Kardashian Booty Has To Be Fake

Chris Brown's Girlfriend Got BREAST IMPLANTS!!

Jaden Smith Cut Off His Hair Looks Just Like Will Smith

Kirko Bangz - Touch The Sky

Cops In The Bronx, NY Are Out Of Control!

French Montana Says He's The First Bad Boy Artist To Not Sign Over His Publishing!

Zed Zilla - How U Feel [Label Submitted]

Bow Wow Hit Ciara, Superhead, Kim Kardashian, Dollicia Bryan & Angela Simmons!

Hitman Holla Performs At Young Jeezy Concert

Monday, January 23, 2012

Fat Joe's Wife FILES FOR DIVORCE!!! (Explosive Details)

confirmed this afternoon that the long time marriage between Fat Joe and Lorena Cartegena has ended after after 17 years.
Here's how it all popped off, according to one of Lorena's friends:
Lorena has been suspecting for more than a year of Joe's infidelities, especially with a specific young indian looking muslim chick from Dubai.
Pics were sent to Lorena’s phone of Joe and the chick from a very close terror squad source. He was flying the chick all over the place…and out in public with her going to knicks games and other places!
I guess when you lose some weight and could see your d*ck again this is what happens! Lorena was with him in his fat days. But she will be getting a NICE FAT check! Too bad for the indian muslim chick she must like sloppy leftovers and saggy tities.


OLDIE BUT GOODIE sip of tea. According to Amber's former publicist Janero Marchand, he was FIRED by Amber - when he tried to WARN Kanye that Amber Rose was TAKING his money . . . and giving it to her OTHER lover. can CONFIRM that it was JANERO who introduced Amber to the world. He pushed HARD to make sure that Amber was featured PROMINENTLY on (and that was WAY BACK when we RARELY featured VIDEO MODELS). And after she received a good deal of notoriety from the MTO web exposure, Janero introduced Amber to KANYE WEST.
Anyways, Janero tells us that he subsequently became friendly with Kanye. And he eventually told Kanye that Janero believed Amber was TAKING Kanye's money, and giving it to her OTHER LOVER.
When Amber found out, she sent the following SCATHING email to Janero:
I will make sure everyone I know will not work with u b*tch! How dear u be in the studio with kanye and talk MAD SH*T about me!!!! R u f*ckin crazy????
I cried days for u Janero!!!!! I will make sure ur blacklisted b*tch! I trusted u and u backstabbed me u aint sh*t but a fake Phony ass b*tch ass f*ggot ass Snitch!!!! I trusted u and u back stabbed my worst then anyone ever!!!! Then u talk about trusting a stripper???? F*ck U janero! U gossip like a f*ggot.
Stay the f*ck away from me b*tch and please don't bother to apologize cuz its a rap!
Dang Amber . . . didn't you just do a No H8 campaign AGAINST gay bashing????

Chris Brown's Girlfriend CONFRONTED Rihanna Two Nearly STARTED FIGHTING!!!!

Chris Brown and Rihanna almost got into ANOTHER FRACAS last night at LA hot spot Graystone Manor. But this time Chris had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!
According to a person CLOSE TO RIHANNA . . . Rih and Chris' GF Karrueche nearly GOT IT POPPIN in the club!!
Here's what we know. For weeks, pop superstar RIHANNA has been telling people close to her that she is UPSET with Chris' new GF Karrauche - for making a DISPARAGING YouTube video, where Kae MADE FUN of Rihanna's accent.
And Kae, we're told, is also upset with Rihanna - for her BLATANT SHOTS at Chris Brown in her newest video. She also believes that Rihanna WOULD LIKE to get back with Chris Brown.
Well last night, the two ladies GOT IN EACH OTHERS FACES at an LA club. Tells an insider, "[Chris and Kae] were on one side of the VIP and Rihanna was on the other. At one point Rihanna walked over, and Kae stepped to her."
But before anything could truly POP OFF, Rihanna's bodyguards came to her rescue, and moved Kae and her girls AWAY from RIH!!!
And that was GOOD for Kae. Cause according to our snitch, Rihanna was prepared to WHOOP KARRAUCHE'S AZZ!!
Developing . . ..

43 Thugs Arrested Murdering People On Facebook & Twitter!

Ravens Fans Reaction To The Missed Kick!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jay Z's Restaurant Is SHUT DOWN By HEALTH Department

Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club was shut down for a slew of health-code violations just a day after its celebrity-drenched $10 million relaunch — and now it faces a dreaded “C” grade, The Post has learned.
An inspector found perishable food at dangerously warm temperatures inside the walk-in refrigerator and discovered “hot” food left out on the counter on Thursday, Health Department sources said.
A worker was also seen mixing salsa with his bare hands.
The refrigerator was at a rancid 60 degrees instead of 41 — jeopardizing the safety of 50 pounds of raw chicken wings, five pounds of raw shrimp and 100 turkey burgers, the sources said.
Five pounds of cooked mashed potatoes, meanwhile, were left out at a temperature of 89 degrees, while 10 pounds of cooked rice and 50 turkey burgers were kept at 67 degrees.
All the hot foods should be at least 140 degrees, the sources said.
The club’s restaurant was immediately closed, and new patrons were barred from entering. Those already inside were allowed to remain.

Kim Kardashian Shopping Her Body Is BONKERS!!!


OFFICIALLY CONFIRM that on the NEXT episode of VH1s Love And Hip Hop, Juelz Santana's BABYS MOTHER Kimbella reveals that she's pregnant. According to KIMBELLA, the baby is by Juelz Santana!!!
Now usually we're happy for a couple when we hear stuff like this. But in the case of Kim and Juelz, we're not sure WHAT to think. has uncovered some SHOCKING information . . . Last month Juelz Santana was charged with HARASSMENT of a person who filed a RESTRAINING ORDER against him. And more. According to police, Juelz threatened to MURDER that individual.
Police are REFUSING to release the name of the individual whom Juelz threatened. But Juelz has been ARRESTED in the past . . . for putting HANDS on Kimbella.
We really hope that these two can GET IT TOGETHER . . . for the KIDS!!!

Heidi Klum And Seal Are DIVORCING!!!

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Heidi will file divorce papers in L.A. County Superior Court as early as next week. We're told Heidi will cite "irreconcilable differences" as the cause for the divorce.
The couple married May 10, 2005. They have 3 biological kids. Seal adopted Heidi's eldest girl from a prior relationship.
The couple is famous for renewing their vows every year on their anniversary ... in a lavish ceremony.

Sh*t Liars Say On The Phone!

Sh*t Unsigned Rappers Say!

Resident Evil 6 [Video Game Trailer]

Deelishis Interview On Her Rape At 18 After She Let A Man Go Down

Why You Asking All Them Questions!?

Weed Robbery Gone Bad!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Another Chick Blatantly Flirts With Her Man!

Common Says He'll Get Kanye West & More To Help Take Out YMCMB If Need Be

Kirko Bangz - Buns (L.A. Leakers Freestyle)

NBA Dwayne Wade "The Clinic"!



President Oboma Singing Al Green

Angela Simmons Got Cakes Would You Beat

Mother Made Her 10 Year Old Son Get A Tattoo

The young man got a tattoo on his arm, with his mother's CONSENT . . . and ENCOURAGEMENT!!!
EDITORS UPDATE: The woman, Chuntera Napier, was arrested and her 10 year old son, Gaquan, is now staying with relatives.

DRAKE'S Los Angeles MANSION Renting It For 45 RACKS A MONTH

Rihanna Steps Out On The BEACH Wearing A THONG BIKINI!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chris Brown And Rihanna Are F*CKIN Now It's CONFIRMED!!!

February 8 marks the three-year anniversary of Chris Brown's infamous assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna.
And it turns out that the exes -- forcibly separated after the beating by court order -- could very well be spending that "anniversary" together. As multiple sources confirm in the new Us Weekly, Rihanna, 23, and Brown, 22, have secretly been hooking up for nearly a year.
The edgy, platinum-selling "We Found Love" singer and Brown "meet up very casually," a Brown confidante says. "She comes to see him anytime she's in L.A."
Explains a music industry source: "They can't get enough of each other. I don't see it ending well."
"Rihanna loves to live dangerously, and talking to and hooking up with Chris is all part of that," adds a Rihanna insider.
The clandestine relationship isn't just complicated because of the couple's violent past; the "Forever" crooner also has a girlfriend, aspiring model Karrueche Tran.