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Friday, December 30, 2011

Chris Brown And Rihanna Are Getting BACK TOGETHER HUH

been hearing reports for some time that pop singer Rihanna and her ex-BF Chris Brown have been working towards a RECONCILIATION, and now we FINALLY can CONFIRM that both Rihanna and Chris are WORKING TOWARDS GETTING BACK TOGETHER!!!
According to a person close to Chris Brown, Chris feels that Rihanna is the LOVE OF HIS LIFE and he wants nothing more than to get back with her. But since the "incident" Chris felt that he destroyed all chances of a relationship with his SOUL MATE. And he stayed away from her, at her request.
But now things have changed. According to an EXTREMELY reliable insider, we're told that Rihanna and Chris are now SPEAKING to each other on the phone, and exchanging IM's and text messages.
We're told that the two have decided to MEET UP when Rihanna returns to Los Angeles next week and to see how and whether they should get back together.
Oh, and we're told that Jay Z and Rihanna's RocNation managers are FURIOUS that she's contacting Breezy. And they have NO IDEA that the two are planning on meeting up.
Developing . . .

Steve Nash Gets His Ankles Broke By Jarret Jack

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One Of The Girls On LOVE AND HIP HOP Got Their RAPPER BF To Propose

For all you Love And Hip Hop fans, we finally got some good news. Jim Jones BOUGHT his longtime GF Crissy a RING. It was all caught on film and is set to air in two weeks.
We gotta say, of all the chicks on the show, we like Chrissy the best. She seems the most REAL out of everyone.

Groupie Explains She THOROUGHLY D*CKED DOWN By MONICA'S HUSBAND Shannon Brown!!

We weren't some random people & this wasn't some random tryst. There was such a build up to this moment...looks, words, everything..we wanted it bad. We met up at the hotel where the opposing team stays while playing in my city...he opened the door all cool we had small talk watched a lil tv then came the,"So yea what was all that shit you been talkin?" I instantly just lost it internally I was nervous as hell...cause I didn't want this to be a failed mission cause I don't get it in like that & I hate wasting my goodies. Well he stood me up off the bed started kissing me...I almost died!!!
Clothes started hitting the floor around us then he stopped & went to the bathroom I jumped in the bed & took off my delicates. He came back dropped them & there it was HUGE!!! Never in my life had I seen something that beautiful. He climbed on top of me & started kissing me all over he was saying something but I was too gone to here it. He started kissing all on my thighs and getting me hot playing with it teasing the shit out of me till I couldn't take anymore I told him just put it in already cause I can't take it anymore. He put it in and I swear I almost stopped breathing this rush just came all over me I felt like a virgin all over again. It hurt but in a good way I couldn't help but bite his shoulder as he started to stroke me slowly taking his first. Then the sh*t talking started.
I thought I was handling it till he started pushing my legs back & he hit this spot that I never knew existed. I started running and he kept pulling me back until he just put all his weight on me so I couldn't move. He just stared me in my eyes and kept saying,"Look at me stop moving you said you wanted it...take it." I tried I did but his d*ck was just to powerful...that was "Daddy D*ck" in all its this very moment I realized I had never been d*cked down right before...and after this I would NEVER be the same.
I felt like I was in a dream until I heard,"Baby what you doin? You keep running from me. Let me f*ck you...or you want me to make love to you? Is that it? Just tell me." Then he kissed me like no one ever had before I could answer then flipped me over & got me from the back.
I collapsed at first but I couldn't let him win I had to throw it back no matter how much I couldn't take it. That man f*cked me till I couldn't take anymore....toe sucking, hair pulling, ass smacking. Well as you can see I was served & I will forever be hooked. No matter who I'm with I always think of that night. My night with Shannon Brown was what wet dreams are made of.

Why Erica And Kimbella REALLY FOUGHT Kim Stole The RAPPER Who Took Erica's VIRGINITY!!

The DRAMA on the show Love And Hip Hop is reaching NEW HIGHS. You'll recall that on Sunday night, Erica Mena got into a HAIR PULLING match with Kimbella, over some SILLINESS!!! Well it turns out that there was MORE to the story.
Accordingt o a TOP behind the scenes SNITCH, Erica is still ANGRY with Kimbella, and feels that she stole the man who TOOK HER VIRGINITY - rapper FABOLOUS. Yes, Emily's MAN Fabolous.
Here's what we know. Emily met Fabolous when she was 17 YEARS OLD on the set of his video BREATHE. The two hit it off and had a relationship. And YES, Fab WAS wirh Emily at this time.
Anyways, Erica believed that she was Fab's TOP MISTRESS and that he would not MESS AROUND with any other girls. Well silly Erica soon learned that Fab wasn't being truthful to her . . . and he started dating FELLOW VIDEO MODEL Kimbella.
We're told that Erica was BROKEN HEARTED over whet she felt was BETRAYAL by Fab, and has held HARSH FEELINGS for Kimbella ever since.
Dang boo . . but you were the JUMPOFF THOUGH. You don't have the RIGHT to be mad at some other chick DOING TO YOU . . . what you were doing to EMILY!!!
They need to change the tile of the show LOVE AND HIP HOP to the title, CHICKS WHO F*CKED FABOLOUS. Cause we hear that CHRISSY had some history with Fab too!!! Dude must have a GOLDEN D*CK . . .

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Interview With Blackmon's Plaza Owner Young Dro New Years Eve Ace Boog Opens For Dro

Fabolous Is BACK TOGETHER With Emily B Peep What He Got Her For CHRISTMAS!!!

Emily B spent the FIRST SEASON of Love AndHip Hop trying to GET AWAY from her babys father, FABOLOUS. Well, it looks like he's HARDER TO SHAKE than we first thought. The two are OFFICIALLY back together, and even spent Christmas together.
And as a show of love, he bought her the FEMALE version of his favorite watch.
Now that rumor about Emily getting KNOCKED UP is starting to make sense . . .

See What Keyshia Cole's HUSBAND Got Her For CHRISTMAS

Lebron James Rapping 2 Chainz Verse Off Of Young Jeezy's TM103 "Super Freak"

Lol: Neyo Head Syndrome!

Travis Porter Gives Out Toys & Canned Food For Christmas!

Madness At The Mall For The Concords 11s In Florida Man Drops One Cop

Young Vito (Rapper) Charged With Slim Dunkin's Murder Turns Himself In!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kevin Garnett Mushed Bill Walker After Celtics Lose To Knicks


Video Chick Vanessa Veasley Nude Pic

This Is Ballin Man From Russia Asking Cashier For Change!

Kobe Bryant Wants RECONCILE Marriage Vanessa AIN'T Having It

Kobe Bryant has NOT given up on saving his marriage ... and sources close to the family tell us his two daughters are playing a major role in his effort to reconcile ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Kobe is "deeply depressed" over the situation -- and is very concerned about how his daughters will handle growing up in two separate households.

TMZ broke the story ... Vanessa decided to pull the plug after catching the NBA star in another extra-marital affair.

Sources tell us ... Bryant's family was not aware of Kobe's exploits -- but they hope he and Vanessa can find a way to get along in the future ... if only for the sake of the kids.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mya Is Still Bad

I Would Cuff #Onme

Even GANG BANGERS Are In The Holiday Spirit!!!

Look At This Fool

F**k You Mean? Santa vs Lil John (Christmas Edition)

Air Jordan Concord 11 Ghetto News Release Day [Cartoon Spoof]

Young Juve (Juvenile's Son) - Round Da Block [In Studio Performance]

Yo Gotti - Single

Jerome Simpson Front Flips Over A Defender Into The Endzone!

Nelly (Feat. T.I & 2Chainz) - Country Ass N*gga Video

Friday, December 23, 2011

Young Jeezy: The Real Is Back [36 Min Street DVD]

YOUNG JEEZY - THE REAL IS BACK DVD from J-STAR Multimedia on Vimeo.

Found Out Who Bought The TUPAC Sextape!!!

MYSTERY COLLECTOR purchase the Tupac sextape, and that the "collector" was purchasing it so that it would NEVER LEAK.
Well, according to an entertainment insider, that "collector" was Tupac's ex, Jada Pinkett. Oh, and the price for the tape . . . $50K!!!
Very generous Jada . . .

Khloe Kardashian FINALLY Gets Knocked Up And FIRST Baby Bump Pics!!!

There were reports a few months back that Khloe and Lamar underwent fertility treatments. Well it musta worked . . cause she stepped out yesterday showing off an UNMISTAKABLE baby bump.
You can expect her to be on the cover of ALL the weeklies next week . . .

R. Kelly Performans "I Believe I Can Fly" On X Factor With Melanie Amaro!

Roscoe Dash – I Do

The Game Bullies Girl During Live Show In Sweden!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Exit Strategy (Starring Kevin Hart) [Movie Trailer]

Thirsty Niqqa Anthem: Dehydrated

Carmelo Anthony Gets Crossed & Falls By Nets Player!

PAULA PATTON Takes Some SEXY PICS For GQ Magazine!!!

A TOP Rapper Is RUSHED To The Hospital!!! UP To The MINUTE Details

Shawty Lo has been hospitalized due to his struggle with diabetes. He has been in the hospital since the weekend. He is on bed rest and as far as we know.
LO has recently been on the tour all across the US and has been everywhere from San Diego to Milwaukee to VA without resting as he should.
Bottom Line Lo needs to take care of himself and stop drinking and start eating correct.
Take care of yourself bruh

Deelishis Takes Some EXPLICIT Pics Is That A THONG

EMILY B Is Reportedly PREGNAT(It's Between Fabolous . . . And TWO NFL Players)

Just got word that EMILY B, star of the reality show Love & Hip Hop is pregnant. Word is that she spoke with one of the producers about how they could "use a pregnancy" in next season of the show.
So . . . we know what you're wondering, who is the child's father??? Our bet is FABOLOUS - the two have been ON-AND-OFF for the better part of a decade. But Emily has ALSO been recently linked to NFL stars MIKE VICK and DARELLE REVIS.
She needs o paternity test ALL THREE on the next season of the show

Got Pics Of Will Smith Out At Dinner With A Blonde

Dj Dre Inteview And Yung Joc New Single So Good Radio Edited

Exclusive Interview Right After Getting Robbed They Still Working DJ Dre Tells Ace Boogs World First Stay Tuned For The Latest Updates

Monday, December 19, 2011

Young Dro Blackmons Plaza New Years Eve

Joakim Noah Is Photo'd Getting DRUNK With A TOPLESS TRANNEY!!!

Kobe Bryant Set To Go On A DATE With GUESS WHO!!!!

Told y'all that 2011 was the year that HEAUX is winning . . . well the year ain't over, and we may have the BIGGEST WIN YET!!!
According to a member of the Lakers TEAM, we're told that Kobe and Lamar talked OPENLY last season about Kobe's marital problems. And that Lamar offered to 'HOOK KOBE UP' with his wife Khloe's sister, KIM KARDASHIAN, if Kobe and wife Vanessa would ever split up.
Well now that Kobe and Vanessa are OFFICIALLY divorcing, we're told by our TOP SECRET SNITCH that Kobe has AGREED to go on a DATE with Kim. The insider explained, "Kobe [always] had a crush on Kim, but he knew that if they ever dated, she'd go right to the press. Now that he's [legally separated] he doesn't really care."
Wow . . . if Kim K lands Kobe . . . that would OFFICIALLY make her the next J LO. That's pretty SHADY of her though, since Kobe was romantically linked to her EX-BFF Carla DiBella.

Behind The Scenes: Yo Gotti (Feat. Rick Ross) - Harder

Young Jeezy - A Hustlerz Ambition (42 Minute Documentary)

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-il Death Made The Whole Country Cry

Inspirational Clip How Badly Do You Want To Fulfill Your Dreams?