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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Amber Rose Is In A Movie With Leila Odom They Have A Sex Scene

EXCLUSIVELY learned that Amber is starring in a new movie, called Gang Of Roses 2. And in it, we're told that Amber has a very GRAPHIC lesbian scene - with her co-star Laila Odom.
According to our snitches, the two ladies were . . .. how can we say this . . . VERY CONVINCING in that scene. And TRUST . . . neither chick can act a LICK throughout the rest of the film.
The lesbian scene contains FULL ON NUDITY!! Wow . . can't wait!!!

Floyd Mayweather Calls Out Manny Pacquiao! May 5th Is The Date. Sign The Contract. Im Waiting

Juicy J of Three Six Mafia Announces Signing To Wiz Khalifa!

Chocolate Drop FreeStyles At Shampoo Night Club! Philly

Lil Boosie Gets 8 Years In Prison After Pleading Guilty To Drug Charges!

Mother Starts Twerkin To Travis Porter Her Children Are Recording It

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christine Teigen John Legend's Model GF Posed Naked

Gloria Govan just got put on BLAST Matt Barnes Say She Cheated On Him

Gloria Govan just got put on EXTRA BLAST . . . by former fiance Matt Barnes. You see Gloria thought she was SLICK - by FEEDING rumors of a romance between her ex-fiance Matt Barnes and Eva Longoria to various news sources.
We, of course, knew that it was complete HORSE SH*T - and DEFAMATION of Eva Longoria who is in a committed relationship, so we stayed out of it.
Well now Matt is fighting back - dishing the REAL reason that the two split up. Here is a statement put out yesterday:
In May, Gloria and I decided to separate and in the best interest of her career, I foolishly agreed to portray that we were still together for the upcoming season of her show on VH1.
As recently as August we decided to revisit a joint statement of our separation, but Gloria asked to delay making our separation public for the interest of her show. It is ironic now how Gloria is trying to manipulate the professional relationship between Eva Longoria and myself as the sole reason for our separation, when she knows we split up in May.
The reason I broke my silence and released the separation statement a month ago, was due to her on going affair with a former friend of mine. Again, I wish her nothing but the best and I will continue to keep our children as my first priority.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pop Sensation JORDIN SPARKS Lost 50 POUNDS


Rapper 50 Cent GOES HARD On Twitter At A GIRL!! (Dude Is EXTRA Sensitive)

Nicole Sherzinger Poses COMPLETELY NEKKID (Warning - Parental Discretion)


Kids Chanting "Go Mommy Go Mommy" As Mother Twerks

Baltimore City Teacher Gets Into It With One Of His Students

Master P Giving Hundreds Of Turkeys Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Jim Jones Handing Out Thanksgiving Turkeys!

Waka Flocka Gives Brick Squad Monopoly Chains To His Artists!

Mook (Feat. Akon, Jadakiss & Shella) - Freaky

T-Pain vs Chocolate Drop (Kevin Hart) - Rap Battle

Monday, November 21, 2011

Jamaican Lady Spits Some VooDoo On Bus PG MARYLAND

Goon Keeps It Gully During TV Interview! "This B*tch Bust Dumb Nuts"

Kevin Durant & Dave East "What You Need" Beat FreeStyle

Undercover Cop Drags Girl On The Concrete Floor

Lil Wayne (Introduces His New 14-Year-Old Artist)

Big Sean Falls On Stage While Performing "Gang Bang"!

Fight Almost Goes Down On Judge Mathis Woman Leaves In Handcuffs

Bad Azz Kids Of The Week: Boys Wreck House With Bag Of Flour!

Russian TV News Anchor Gives Obama The One-Finger Salute!

Actress SALMA HAYAK Tripping Bust Her Butt

BF & GF Get Matching DRAKE Tattoos On Their NECKS!!!

Sean Kingston Getting Drakes Leftovers From Stripper

N.O.R.E. (Feat. Pusha T & Meek Mill) - Scared Money

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lil Red Vs. Ed Boxing Over A Bag Of Chips

Bow Wow "Boy Or Girl" Music Video

Asian Rachetness: Two Chicks Dropping The N-word

Good To See A Man Taking Care Of His Kids Usher

THICK Redhead Lyod Was With Spotted With Nelly

UMMMMMMM!!!!! What Is She Bout 


Rihanna On Ellen! Im Very Single. I Don't Get Any Booty Calls

Hitman Holla Thoughts On NBA LOCKOUT & His Career

5 Reasons Not To Let Your Friends In Your House! [Comedy Skit]

Pacquiao & His Promoter Ducking Mayweather? HBO Media Now Questions Pacquiao!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

What Dj Who Betta Think About The NBA Lockout

Knowledge On The NBA Lock Out

Kelly Rowland Getting BIG MONEY STEPPED UP Her Style

Stars At Heavy D Funeral RIP Look Like A Good Turn Out

Doctor Arrested Injecting Cement & Fix-A-Flat In Patient's Booty!

Bring Back The NBA [Fan-Made]

7-Year-Old Boy Wrestling Cold Like A Grown Man

Friday, November 18, 2011

Deelishis Warming Up For PhotoShoot

Dominican Model Mayoli Sena

Biz Markie Facebook Song 'Just UnFriend' Jimmy Kimmel Live

2 vs 2: CSUN College In California Fight!

Always Check Underneath Public Toilet Seat

Bad For Bronco Nation Gay Dude Brownsville, Brooklyn

Young Jeezy (Feat. T.I.) - F.A.M.E.

Ludacris Get Bill O'Reilly To Cut The Check Speaks On Big Sean And Drake

Anchorman Benches His Co-worker's Weave! Low

No NBA But Got This Campbell University's Eric Griffin Dunk

Astro In Tears After Almost Being Eliminated On The X Factor!

Jamaican Caught Having Sex With His Potna Girl! [Comedy Skit]

Usher Spotted With A I Dont Know Is It A Man